BREAKING NEWS : Someone tried to finish loot all pale VIENNA , you be the judge …


Where is the joke

You disappoint village elders son… Hizi click baits wachia ghaseer @digi

This Ruto guy should have taken 3 pics maximum and leave the limelight to Eliud…hes busy inserting himself everywhere.Yeye arudi ajenge stadium to honour the guy

Did he take his own piks and put them up on shosho media or were his photos taken and are now being posted by brainless bimbos who cannot even fathom that this was about KIP not WSR??deeemn.
KIP is on the front pages of the UK proper newspapers, Observer, Times, Independent and the likes. Now that is huge huge huge. Sikuona WSR.
Kenyans will never cease to amaze me.

Is that ghaseer still in this village? Nili block huyo idler kitambo. Mtu bure kabisa.

Mole hole huyo ukifunika moja kanafungua nne

yes he did it on his page(or his team)… 100 pictures and counting…sisi tunataka stadiums to honour our gallant son hizi zingine ni sideshows…we want to nurture other kipchoges. So shameful that Kipchoge and other athletes achieve this with almost zero support from the government but top government officials like WSR are so quick to shamelessly bask in their glory. If i had power I would have proposed hio tax yenye KRA wananyemelea from him iende direct huko Iten isaidie other athletes instead of ending up in the pockets of these looters

Well then, if that is the case, then I can only say what my mother would say which is ‘WHAT A BLOODY FOOL’! I have heard noises that he surrounds himself with some v stupid advisors and leeches and I thought he was a smart cat.
Yes it is morally wrong to hog KIP’s limelight. He should have stayed at home! He has let down athletes 99% Kales… over the years.
Let me not think about greedy KRA…:saitan:

Wachaneni na Ruto apumue

You guys are hard asses , nobody sees the joke hapo , yenyewe KENYA TALK is failling …

Which joke???.. The reason its failing is because of mediocre threads like this!

Stale gayyyyyyyyyy jokes hatutambui tuliachia homo @MBOMB

Opportunists is the word

nyinyi wote mko na upuuss