Ruto: I will go after MPs who oppose Finance Bill 2023

It’s back to the nyayo era.

[SIZE=7]Ruto: I will go after MPs who oppose Finance Bill 2023[/SIZE]
Sunday, June 04, 2023

[I]President William Ruto has backed the proposal for an open ballot system during the voting for the Finance Bill 2023.

Ruto said he is waiting to see the legislators who were going to oppose the Bill.[/I]

Ushughulike na kuku zake za Kenya kwisha

We don’t care Fagget Mijinga kïpiiiiii kinene zaidi mumama zaidiiiii umekaaa hivi fuaaaaaa ukihara ukinyamba ukidunga ukinusa uvundo ukakuambia wewe na muhahe yooooooooote ya watu wenyu wewe ndiwe wa kwanza na hii stale news? Brare taktaka ghaseer imbilisi nyeusi cunt

kale kwisha

Asituuzie uoga!
Vote No!

Majina yao yatakua yamepangwa alphabetically, prefects 10 watakua wakisahihisha.


That Gathoni wa muchomba MP went and asked her constituents how she should vote for that finance bill 2053. They told her to vote NO.

Will Ruto still go after her ?

Any politician’s goal is to get elected. Once elected the next goal is to get re-elected.

He has many ways of dealing with errant MPs… and He will.


Hata hapa muranga kwa ground is a BIG NO. Jambass sugu is on his own. Tutanyorosha yeye 2027 arudi sukoi kufuga kuku.

It just goes ahead to show you how badly our parliament is compromised and cannot really act as a check for the executive. In other news it looks like Jambas sugu is really getting desperate

She’ll vote yes and give very long convoluted explanations. Take this to Equity bank

The ground is only relevant a year to elections. Kwa saa hii the executive is more important to MPs than the electorate. No MP wants to be removed from the feeding trough this early

She did it for PR.When JSKS will be cracking the whip,she will not be one of them.That is how tugeges leaders manipulates them.