Ruto Has Messed Big Time by Picking Rigathi Gachagua - Bure Kabisa

This is one of a very stupid decision done by Ruto. The guy has become a coward. Bure Kabisa. He has abandoned the Meru vote just to perpetuate the Kikuyu superiority. The guy might lose because of this stupid mistake. I Don’t even know whether I really want him to win with such a running mate.

mtoto ya moi… kalenjin wote, ni about deceit and domination

Pesa mdau.
The position was sold to the highest bidder

Kindiki na Muturi ni maskini compared to Gachagua,hio kiti you must buy it for 2 Billion shillings Cash!!!

Finally …

It is down to Baba and Martha vs Sugoi Hustler and Gachagua …

A seasoned experienced leader and an articulate intelligent lawyer vs two Conmen and Thieves …



The Choice is now very clear … :D:D:D

Ungekuwa Rigathi ungewacha 2b investment yako iende tu namna hiyo

Nimeona watu wa Tharaka Nithi wamechemka mbaya.

Ojinga can go hang with his Kikuyu ass-licking. I’ll vote for Kalonzo even if he has Mois as the Running Mate.

@johnpombe Mundu ni Raila!!! Raila mpaka statehouse. Siwezi kubali hii jagili Gachagua

Morio …
Hapo Umesema Kama Wazee Mia Moja Wa Maasai … :D:D

I said it before …
"…Ye Shall Know them by Their Fruits … "

Why Gachagua and not Mudavadi?

Ati sasa y’all angry at ruto for picking another thief :D. Treating gachagua as if he was worse than ruto. Do you fools listen to the kind of arguments you make in support of these thieves?

After 4 yrs of campaigning, Sugoi man is a weak finisher. As for me, Rigathi Gachagua is not my cup of tea, but, i will pick him over the likes of Moses Kuria and Maangi Kiunjuri .
Atleast he is Principled.

There is no honor among Thieves … :D:D


Mathira Constituency Member of Parliament, Rigathi Gachagua, has thrown Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi under the bus after he revealed that Kenya Kwanza Alliance has already settled on Deputy President William Ruto as the coalition’s presidential candidate in August.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Monday morning, Gachagua said the DP Ruto candidature is already confirmed and both Musalia Mudavadi and Ford Kenya Party leader, Moses Wetangula are aware of that.

Gachagua further said that the running mate position had been set aside for the Mt Kenya region and that Wetangula and Musalia were informed before the pact.

Hehehehehe …
A Very Principled Thief and Conman … :D:D



The MP explained his fortune by saying he had dabbled in several businesses over the last 40 years, including organising discos, doing business with the National Government and owning a candy factory.

“I’m a prudent businessman, I started doing business 40 years ago.
At the university we used to get Ksh.2600 as boom, I would organize discos and pick half of the money from these guys; I had a car, I had a factory for sweets,” he added.

The MP was also pressed to confront a court case in which some Ksh.202 million from his bank accounts was frozen due to allegations of public funds embezzlement.

The account was frozen to allow the police to investigate the source of the Ksh.12.5 billion that flowed through his accounts, according to the DCI.

Rigathi is suspected of using proxies to fraudulently secure tenders through 22 companies, with himself as the sole beneficiary.
Detectives had already visited 5 counties, government parastatals, and his own National Government Constituency Development Fund, where he is suspected of fraudulently winning tenders using 22 companies, as of October 2020.

An investigation file obtained by Citizen TV last year revealed that two hairdressers and a former mobile money transfer agent were awarded multimillion-shilling tenders for the National Government and the Mathira Constituency CDF.

Gachagua, on the other hand, claimed that the transactions are not fraudulent.
“These people who are being accused of being nobodies and have done a lot of business were my employees previously.
I have empowered and mentored them and made them grow,” Gachagua said.

According to detectives, two companies were paid Ksh.150 million, and a large portion of the money was then transferred to entities owned by the MP, with the DCI focusing on medical supplies to hospitals in five counties and transactions with government firms, including parastatals.

Boss…si unapenda kucheka.

I don’t like the man, but compared to the likes of MK, i will go for him.

The situation is so tragic that laughing is the only relief …
King Kaka was absolutely correct …
Wajinga Ni Nyinyi … :D:D

he could just have used that cash to go for the presidency himself, it all he wanted was the ride, and feel good at trying - but now that cash itapotea tu hivyo, no way that ticket will win, hata rao akitupa kalonzo inje.

Believe you me whether he wins or not,he will get his 2b back.Siasa ni mbaya buana.Look at how RAO has enjoyed being in government which he was not part of.
During that time,am sure he has recovered all the monies he spent in 2017 campaign