Ruto has handled it well

If you watch the documentary on citizen you will realize that Ruto has managed all things that have been done to him well with reasonable calm. Being chased out of the govt which he played a big role to play, being humiliated by Uhuru through his juniors and not at once has he attacked his boss or even use his numbers in parliament to frustrate govt agenda. Uhuru has been a real betrayer in Poltics but Ruto has handled this situation with reasonable calm and strategy.
If it was Raila that was under the same scenario as Ruto… I mean a DP for Uhuru under the second term and gone through what Ruto has gone through. I can tell you everything in this govt would have collapsed. Nothing would be running. Just think about Nusu Mkeka and attempted sacking of ministers by Raila that was reversed by Kibaki during coalition and you will understand what I mean.

I mean you may not like or hate Ruto but one thing you cannot deny is that Ruto has handled this prevailing scenario with calm and reasonable demeanor. And the reality is that Jubilee first term irregardless of looting the govt was running smoothly with Clear agenda until handshake happened and every kind of confusion came in. Ama niaje @spear

rutode always 10 steps ahead

And how did he handle his scenario in 2008 and 1992.
Kenyans will look for reasons to praise politicians even if they dont make sense.

Ruto kicked Himself out of Gov’t.

I think we need to wait and hear Pres. Kenyatta’s side of the story. Ruto must have done something to warrant Uhuru’s betrayal.

Labda alimkamulia bibi

But we have been told he had decided to do so even before the end of the first term and wanted to replace him with Mudavadi or Gideon Moi. So this was pre-planned as it seems from the start

Kenyatta has nothing to share. He would have ropokwad by now. He enjoyed the trappings of power way too much and cannot bear to leave.
The least he can do is cobble up that WSR started campaigning too early. Yes… and this is because WSR had got wind of the fact that Uhuru was going to betray him. And hellooooo what do we have now? the dreadful BBI.