Ruto Has An Uphill Task. Only Has RV & Half Of Central. It Is 5 Vs 1.5

[li] Rift Valley 95%[/li][li]Central 50%[/li][li]Nyanza 1%[/li][li]Western 2%[/li][li]Eastern 5%[/li][li]North Eastern 5%[/li][li]Coast 5%[/li][li]Nairobi 20%[/li][/ol]

Faced by uncountable obstacles, Arap Mwizi might not get into the House On The Hill come 2022. Anyway he is a thief just like Kenyattas Mois and 99% of the other politicians.

Arror has a far better chance than Baba.

Arap mwizi has support in coast remember he won a parliamentary seat

mapema bado. Ngoja NASA na gatheca wakosane vizuri

Ningekuwa Weta/Madvd/Kalonzo I’d join Arror right now and get at least kiti ya CS. Those guys have been out in the cold for too long to gamble on Raila who is a perpetual loser.

Those are beta males na wao huenda kwenye wametumwa na wanaume wenzao, sio wao hujiamulia.

wenye wanasupport lootall wanamsupport emotionally instead of using their brains and logic.

Logic has never mixed with politics or religion.

sure,that is why i stay a mile away from both

All what i know is that, WSR will have to give Mt. Kenya half of his govt.

Kiti ya kuambiliwa na president hukuwa very bad idea. You become his bitch. The smart politicians like Ngilu and Kiraitu walienda kukuwa governors. Hata Kimemia when he was done being a bureaucrat alienda kukuwa governor. A governor is better off than a CS because he operates on his own terms hawezi futwa job kesho by some higher-up who wakes up with a bad mood that day.

Nyanza walitoka baba kitambo sana. He has like 60%

I have a feeling that, Jimmy Orengo will lead a team of Luo Politicians to Tangatanga.

Orengo wont even get siaya governor on odm

This would actually work in favour of agwambo

Baba has retained his 2017 voters Ruto has lost half of central and the deep state. ICC case imekuwa revived . its game over for ghassias @spear @ranny @mlipuayote @Berlin Oxford

Lets wait six months then things will be much clearer.