Ruto finally realizes that Putin is the only person that can save him

He was rushing to the West to get dollars but zinakuja na popular conditionalities that will fuck up his presidency a good one.

Oil nayo alijaribu utapeli ati 6 months credit lakini you can’t rig the market…dollar imekataa kushuka…

Unga nayo pia imepanda bei and Russia as the biggest wheat supplier in the world inaweza saidia sana.

Russian commodities impact maisha ya watu daily and if we were nice to Putin, they’d really help. There’s a reason why the UK and Germany are in recession while heavily sanctioned Russia is not.

BTW low IQ western booylicking garbages don’t know that Russia was a very big buyer of Kenyan tea.


Msitooh a dispatch meli mbili tayari kuelekea mombasa, moja ya grains na tanker ya fuel

I agree with you Samba Samba. If we get atleast 100k MT of wheat and Russia buys atleast 20% of our tea, the cost of living would go down significantly. Unfortunately for oil, hata akitupea, haitatusaidia juu hatuna refinery. We buy refined oil and that’s why oil gobbles up all the usable dollars.

There are backhand arrangements on Russian oil na akina India, Saudi and even China that would save us a lot

Saudi wako sawa, If we can crack up an arrangement, Ruto atawacha kutesa Kenyans with punitive taxes.

Taxes ni conditionalities za IMF. Hio hakuna kuepuka… VAT 16 % on fuel litre moja itafika 200 bob…Na bado job cuts zinakuja

An arrangement wiith Russia that would save us 2 billion dollars in hard forex would help more than hizi takataka za IMF.

Wueh, so IMF ndio wako behind all these nonsense? Damn.

To access loans Ruto must kiss their asses and squeeze mwananchi’s pockets and sovereignity

Longive russia

Leta evidence kumbaffu
Losers hang and flock together…Waendelee… :smiley:

Ruto has been on a tanga tanga spree to these western nations for the last eight months and where has he gotten us? Dollar na euro is hammering out shillings vibaya and if mother Russia can help why not. A trickster is known to change their mind as often as needed

Bidenstan hawezi kubali hii upus

This was a very dumb move by that Ghaseer called Ndii.
You don’t postpone to take a shit, especially if you have a stomach upset.
By the time those monthly payments are due, we shall have two problems;

  1. No money to pay.
  2. No fuel

Nation journalists walipitia hii thread wakaiba content:D:D:D

:D:D:D iko wapi ile picha ya wale vijana wawili wakisema “Hasora anajua kire anafanya”

miteso mijinga hujui kusoma nini? ama ni comprehension iko down juu ya busaa kujaa io kichwa yako kubwa

Mpaka zinaenda Mombasa kupokea meli… A really retarded government :D:D:D:D:D

In geopolitics, Ruto must always be guided by “strategic ambiguity”, a path the likes of Saudi are following.