Ruto did not perform his duties -Uhuru


Ulevi ni kitu mbaya sana

But why does Uhuru always have to remind us that he is in control. A person who is on control doesn’t even to speak. You’d let people feel your actions proper. I may not be privy to the internal happenings of the corridors of power, but one can wonder what power Ruto wields to make this man rant this way all the time.

This is akin to @uwesmake telling mama clichy daily he is the man of the house:Dafter being served chicken wings only for supper

He’s sending a message to government stake holders that Ruto won’t be president anytime soon.

Neither Kibaki nor Moi shouted about the same way Uhuru is.
I think Kenya Kwanza is forcing his hand to show his emotional side

Kibaki and Moi could fire their vice president.

He is struggling to come to terms with the end of his presidency (lame duck) and also knows that he hasn’t accomplished much on top of that his authority has been questioned for over 4 years plus.