Ruto: Deep state called Museveni over Sakaja's degree

Deputy President William Ruto claims powerful individuals he labelled as the ‘deep state’ made calls to President Yoweri Museveni over Johnson Sakaja’s degree.
Speaking on Thursday, Ruto said the calls were part of efforts by the said individuals to lock the Nairobi senator out of the Gubernatorial race.
“I want to tell my former party Jubilee that Johnson Sakaja went to school and he has papers. The deep state has been making calls up to State House Uganda to lock Sakaja out of the Nairobi governor race but I want to tell them, let’s meet on the ballot,” he said in Manga, Nyamira County.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential candidate told off those questioning the UDA gubernatorial candidate’s academic credentials adding thy should stop the political witchhunt.

Ruto insisted that the Nairobi senator is qualified and has all the requisite academic qualifications.
He also said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission should be allowed to do its job without external coercion
“Sakaja is qualified and has the papers, let IEBC do its job. Jubilee should face us on the ballot, Sakaja will be there and we will show you dust,” he said.
On Wednesday, rubbished a letter by the Commission for University Education revoking his Team University degree.

In a statement, he claimed it was part of desperate attempts by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the deep state to frustrate him.
“To President Kenyatta, I say: Let the people decide. Not even the threats to arrest me will dim our resolve to serve the people of Nairobi. The people of Nairobi have resoundingly rejected your project and are looking forward to electing their own,” Sakaja said.

Sakaja who had been cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission before petitions were filed challenging his eligibility said the revocation by CUE was politically motivated.

The credibility of Sakaja’s degree from the Team University had been brought to question by four people who claimed it was forged.
The matter came up soon after Sakaja was cleared by the IEBC on June 7 to contest for the Nairobi governor seat on a UDA ticket.
One of the complainants, Dennis Wahome, claimed in an affidavit to IEBC that Sakaja never studied or graduated from the Team University.
He claimed that Sakaja’s Bachelor of Science in Management degree from Team University was printed on May 29, 2022.

Wahome further said Sakaja never graduated from the University on October 21, 2016, as he claimed since his name was not on the university’s graduation list.
Three out of four petitions filed against Sakaja were thrown out by the IEBC disputes and Resolution committee on Wednesday.
The committee also dismissed a letter from the Commission For University Education rescinding recognition of Senator Johnson Sakaja’s degree.
IEBC also expunged from its record the letter attached from CUE.

Sakaja already moved to the High Court seeking to quash the decision by the CUE to revoke the recognition of his University degree.

If the degree is fake, let the nugu stay on the sidelines, his party can reserve a nomination spot for him.

Nonsense, hizi sideshows won’t help sakaja…

Does he have a degree? And if so, is it valid? Prove that and move on…

Aanike degree yake hapo twitter tuione?

As a governor sakaja was going to be a very dangerous animal…that boy is ruthless

Actuarial science at UoN…

A simple certificate and transcripts certified by the college is enough…from there whoever interested anaweza fuatilia…za raila Niko interested kuona.

Fuata hii link Mdau…

Huyu jamaa aache ujinga. What is so hard for (S)sakaja to produce a certificate ka ako nayo?

Ata M2 na passport zake ni hivi tu

sakaja ni mkalenjin mwizi conman