Ruto dealing with the mountain Niccolo Machiavelli style

Ruto must be a very good student of Niccolo Machiavelli. He notices that once you become a king, the first thing to do will be to destroy the kingmaker. This is the first thing he did when he became the president, he incited the Central Kenya politicians to first deal with Uhuru Kenyatta vehemently especially the likes of Ichungwa, Nyoro and Rigathi. These guys went to Uhuru Kenyatta without mercy, when Uhuru saw that even his family was in danger, he went to exile. Now that Uhuru is out of the scene, he is now turning his guns on Rigathi and the rest. The current cabinet reshuffle and numerous tours in Nyanza and Western Kenya tells that Ruto will not be banking on central votes anymore. Rigathi is now seeking peace talks with Uhuru Kenyatta. I am not a prophet of doom but to remove Ruto from power will not be a walk in the park. This is just a warm up, the comedy of errors has started. By the way, is there any company that manufactures pop corns in Kenya ama ziliisha kama kampuni za kamisi?:grin::rofl::laughing:


I don’t think Ruto is daft enough to play with the Mt Kenya voting bloc.
Only way he can do that is if he handshakes Raila and they do 41 vs 1 like in 2007.
His stronghold in the Rift at best is 2M, Mt Kenya alone is 7 million… I mean come on

Ruto needs the Mt Kenya block but being a crafty politician he wants to show that he can create alternatives.


Pipinya tugege kabisa.

How did moi do it then

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Old constitution had a much lower threshold for presidential winner ie the person with the most votes. Moi got 30% in 1992 and 40% in 1997.
Lost when his candidate faced a combined/ United opposition in 2002


When he is in mt Kenya he tells them what they want to hear. Today in Luo Nyanza he is doing the same.
Jamaa mjanja sana.

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Myahudi atanipinya Palestine kidon mossad style

Cabinet reshuffle is a coded message to thr mountain, they are no longer useful

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watch news mkuu. WAMEFIKA TEL AVIV

Retaliation itakuwa more :fire::fire::fire::fire:

See nyeri governor read mischief in recent happenings

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You need to study Moi’s modus operandi. He was never against Mt. Kenya but divided it. Note: all his VP’s apart from Madvd (three months tenure) were Kikuyu

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By 2027, Mt Kenya will be united: the business elite, Nyamakima merchants, cash crop farmers, and peasant farmers will all be on the same page. These “vitishos” are pointless.

Assmio chieth critics munasumbua. Chama Iko ngangari. Meffi nyinyi

Mt kenya iko 7 mirrions votes (or entire population) ? Tiga wana!

When you talk of Mt Kenya vote block,do you mean kikuyus/gema in central province or kikuyus/gema spread across Kenya?

Because the reality is different,if you count voters based on tribe as spread across the country, their is nothing like Mt Kenya has 7m which can’t be surpassed,grow up that mountain slogan is useless now.

Ruto is actually dealing with rigathi and looking for more votes in Raila strongholds,but it is not like he will abandon the mountain.He will have his puppets as Mt Kenya leaders.

For the avoidance of doubt,baba tosha as usual.