Ruto celebrates the arrival of Corona virus

Governors wanapitia capital capital hill

example? and after kupitia Capita(o)l hill? Do u knw that corruption cases take years to make a ruling, fanya research across the world. So if governor or any senior person has a substantial court case, a ruling will finally be made ata akienda capitol hill or not

I saw that and let me not think about the milk industry and the media. And the millions stashed far far away such that should there be war in Kenya, Amadioha forbid, hata hutajua wameenda wapi.

Corruption has always had the Kenyattas in it. Starting with the matriarch. The poacher. Secondly, Uhuru wants a senior position where he will be able to watch over his family’s loot while not doing the hard work of running the country. Please, look at the bigger picture. He also surrounds himself with a kitchen cabinet full of gluttons…he conned us gullible poor people.

We need to cut the umbilical cord, no ifs no buts. Don’t you surely think they need to exit the stage now? we don’t owe them nada. When I think about Mama Ngina, I feel the same way you feel about WSR.

Unfortunately those 3 are what we got to play with right now. If someone else declares he/she is running, do not hesitate to tag me. Nione manifesto yake.

But if what I saw in Meru (BBI) is a sign of the times…Houston we got a biiiiiiiiig problem on our hands.

Exactly. All you need is sing bbi and you are washed mwosho 1. Waiguru, Joho, … and as for Kenyatta‘s, even forgetting their outright theft like the containers, arm twisting government processes to legalize illegalities does not make them less of thugs. For example illegal tax exemptions for their deals, government funded roads to their developing estates etc.

“oxymoronic” argument

That fuckery, his siblings, his children or any bloodline should never rule this country again

Thank you for the summary.

Dude, call it what you may, but we are determined to see the Kenyattas off. No one is stopping him from being a Jubilee advisor as you stated earlier but who lied to you that he gives a flying fuck about Wanjiku??? or you and me? we are furthest from his mind saa hii.


laughable rant!

Count me out… I cannot countenance either of those mofos


Ehe what about the chickengate scandal? Huko majuu (Randan) walihukumiwa, wakafungwa na wakalipa fine

Point of correction, corruption began with the patriarch…

you will remove the Kenyatta’s by voting for Ruto?

do you kill ticks by feeding the cow poison?

This is just politics. Umetumwa. Rubbish

My friend, open yours n see that WSR is not poison, he is being demonized the way oginga family was tangu independence
Rao is being used for now n after a couple of years he becomes a victim for demonization n Wsr is glorified n cycle continues. Soma 254 correct history properly n avoid ile skewed, u Will see the picture

Am sorry to break it to you but Luos, especially Raila, dont have much aspirations as Ngina’s family. Yeye bora amepata yake kidogo na akagawanyia wenzake, na akaitwa president ametosheka. But ya Ngina Kenyatta ni greed ingine yenye iko na demojic possession.

I see central is doing what Kiambu did to Kabogo. They used Waititu to punish the bad mouthed Kabogo, he had to go by any means… see what happened. And to think they learnt their lesson but what is this Kenyattas must go based on conspiracy theories?
Very many of the issues we have with Jubilee govt can be traced to Ruto’s ministries. Too many loans? Who was finance CS? Funny dam tenders?
I do not know how a person fighting DCI and DPP, who has never condemned corruption publicly, had maize scandals long time ago, land grabbing cases, tear gassed children when he was still part of the system, will suddenly on 2022 fight corruption with zeal! WAJINGA NYINYI

Uhuru made mistakes, but Ruto isnt the answer, please people dont repeat Kiambu on a national scale!