Ruto celebrates the arrival of Corona virus

After the first case was announced, Ruto was one of the first political figures to acknowledge it and you could see the excitement in his speech. He saw it as divine intervention after the government declared no more public meetings should take place including the planned BBI meeting in Nakuru.

You’ll use anything and everything to make wsr look bad.

Siasa bhana

Ruto is worse than Korona

Waambie, yeye ni moto wa kuotea mbali!!

We long accepted that even if a wife fails to conceive, we can always blame it on WSR. Thankfully his supporters can see through this fuckery.
If Uhuru thought that we supported UhuruRuto as a duo because of his name and so decided he can back another horse tukimbie huko…this time ataona dust.

Most GEMA also want the Kenyattas out by all means possible.

can ride along with

As a Tottenham fan, I appreciate the temporary reprieve from Mourinho torturings.

talk of yourself, don’t include “many”. There is nothing wrong that Uhuru has done. In 2022 he will exit not because people will not be wanting him or being forced to exit but because the constitution indicates so. I am a Jubilee diehard, but I see this misplaced anger towards Uhuru by pseudo-Ruto supporters might make the party lose big time in 2022.

Ngunjiri tulia.

What in your view is the BBI hoping to achieve??? are you saying Uhuru will exit because he has been forced and… I won’t ask by whom. My understanding is that BBI aims to change the katiba so that he can stay longer!
There is nothing wrong that Uhuru has done you say? what about showing us some efforts in fighting corruption, our biggest ailment???
He has been a big let down, that is for sure.

Niko Na wewe Mimi Na familia Na marafiki. Tuko team kubwa

Weka kwa daily nation bold headline-ukiweza billboard


Hata nimemsikilia huruma when he said that we WSR fans will make Jubilee lose. I was tempted to bullet some areas where Uhuru has failed big but I thought si I best do something else?
Tuko wengi sana sana sana. And if he cannot see that the Kenyatta family is still greedily gobbing up investment opportunities for the average Kenyan, then …well then…

Most importantly we do not want them to hold us ransom the way RAO has done to his people. Out ni jaaa…nje kabsaaaaaa.

Indeed. We have learnt our lesson bigtime. With the exception of our dude hapo juu:D

Yup the odingas have done the same. Continuing to keep them in power creates a situation where they’ll amass so much that will sustain them as a family and dominate like a monarchy their respective tribes. Any families that have similar aspirations should know allowing it to continue means they are ceding control for the next few generations.

Double post

Tangu independence they demonized oginga family n poisoned us against them, for selfish reasons-imagine wanafunga keroche sasa

Uhuru does NOT WANT ANOTHER TERM OR ANOTHER BIG GOVT post past 2022. bookmark this tupatane 2022 (as a jubile life member Uhuru will continue advising jubilee if it wins in 2022, and as a Pan-africanist he might get a continental or afro-carribean position). the more that “dynasty” narrative is made, the more i dislike Ruto. Then abt corruption, it’s only in Uhuru’s regime i’ve seen corruption being fought head-on. In the past I even neva knew there existed such post as DCI (or rather director of CID) or DPP. I believe in the past corruption was even bigger only that it went unannounced.