Ruto Cant Believe the Kind Of Money He Will Have Access To Mpaka Analilia

no they are not!! :D:D

Yes they are. They made a ruling filled with bravery and admonition. They told Raila and his lawyer to his faces they are thieves and forgers. kama ingekua maraga kingekua kinapigia raira simu kumbembeleza akubali wafanye hivi na hivyo

they did all that,

mimi ninasema they are NOT the greatest bench of all time anywhere in the world. Pia ninasisitiza ya kwamba Koome and her people are NOT a divine gift.

No, 85% don’t have the power to cross a line and avoid consequences… it’s not inability to cross a line, it’s inability to counter the consequences.

For more than 85% of the population, if they were sure they could get away with anything, they’d cross every line

Credit where due:

CJ, personal friends with a petitioner
DCJ intimate relationship with man who is recorded in an affidavit to have gone to influence IEBC 9Amos wako)
Njoki personal friend to the President’s family

Yet all these ruled against the petition. Ask yourself how bad that case was that not even Njoki could defend her friends in even one of the prayers

kusema ukweli, because of those things [and others] and knowing something of how biased some of these judges and judicial officers can be, I was VERY SURE kinarudio.

I am still in shock. :D:D

but that bench is NOT the greatest bench of all time anywhere in the world and Koome and her people are NOT a divine gift.

you are confirming my arguments and shifting goalposts at the same time? :D:D

:D:DI sense your peasant energy and butthurt… no need to prove anything to a bottom feeder

They fucken smoke ganja and drink kuotas together with uhurus personal henchman murathe . The case had no legs at all


is that njoki ndung’u sussana?

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Its emotional but kuona our president akililia si poa. Awache hiyo mchezo.


Like all fundamentalists allied to Raila, you shall get accustomed to reality and will accept that theirs was one of the wisest judgement of the post solomonic era.

Not quite, I am demonstrating a truth that many dare not accept.

Politicians are no different from the greater human population… trying to distinguish them from the rest is what I am pointing out as the error.

It’s actually a very interesting psychological phenomenon what you are doing. Read Chrsitopher Browning’s Ordinary Men. See the connection between ordinary men and the Nazis… extrapolate that to my assertion that you are trying to distinguish Politicians from the general populations by attributing g them characteristics of the general population.

Quite paradoxical… unless you’re of the opinion that politicians aren’t a representative sampling of the population (moral-wise)

Punguza wisdom.

I will agree with you on this… very premature to judge the bench the bet in the world. We don’t have the requisite parameters to make such a determination (neither do I think it possible to have parameters that can be used across all benches in the world, taking into consideration the different dynamics and cultures that inform each bench). I think it’s a very generous assertion.

Hii Jambaz haina akili timam…tuanze kuikimbiza as opposition…religious retards are always suspect

It’s actually a very interesting case of log in your eye and speck in your neighbor’s eye.

The only government that has ever CREDIBLY and SUSTAINABLY dealt with corruption is JAPAN… considered the most successful case study by many.

Their approach was actually treating corruption as a societal disease manifest in the political arena, rather than a purely political problem.

They undertook consistent measures to restructure their cultural thinking around corruption. So, when you say Japanese Politicians aren’t as corrupt as many other politicians, hidden to you is the fact that Japanese PEOPLE aren’t as corrupt as many other nationalities.

Interesting Fact:

In their lost and found at the train stations, you find wallets with money. So one person picks up a wallet, doesn’t steal the money. Takes it to the lost and found, that’s guarded by many different people across different months, and no one steals the money.

Contrast that to Kenyan lost and found… then see why their politicians are different from ours


  1. I am not a fundamentalist.
  2. just because I was sure the court would nullify the election of the president-elect does NOT mean that I am affiliated to Raila.

but even you cannot assert that the court’s decision was one of the wisest judgement of the post solomonic era without falling into error.

Court’s decision was VERY wise… very accurate, and absolutely true to evidence.

One RULING doesn’t make them the wisest, though.

Especially in the heels of the SONKO FIASCO