Ruto Cant Believe the Kind Of Money He Will Have Access To Mpaka Analilia

Hehe… JSKS cant believe that ameiishia na nchi mpaka analia kama mtoi:

Lakini mbona huyu jamaa anapenda kulia hivyo…Riggy G the thug ako like WTF is wrong with this nigga

He said in such moments he remembers his dear father and just wishes that he was alive…
It is emotional.

The Load is heavy. He can’t believe it.


it’s all about optics. mnajua wanasiasa nyinyi?

Wewe unawajua tuambie

politicians are the most pompous, sanctimonious, self-centered, self-seeking, stubborn and hypocritical class of ghouls to walk the face of the earth. nothing a politician does or says is worth shit. nothing. hakuna kitu mwanasiasa hawezi fanya ama kusema just to get ahead. hakuna.

my assets are in dollars[SIZE=1] been shafting kra for years… [/SIZE][SIZE=3]wacha tungoje hiyo free internet na calls[/SIZE]

At times the hypocrisy catches up with him but he has to maintain the act…

You have just described 85% of the human population

What does JSKS mean?

Akiendelea na hii upuss ya kulia lia … Riggy G anaweza wekelea yeye kofi … for real this time. Io thug ni hardcore mbaya banae …

jamba stadi kutoka sugoi


Jambazi Sugu Kutuko Sugoi

dude, 85% of the human population have a “line they will not cross”. politicians don’t. politicians are soulless.

si ni mimi ninakwambia? :D:D

Ruto will bring this country to its knees. Just wait and see people wishing Uhuru comes back.

[SIZE=7]…[/SIZE]sent from a mabati shack deep in the bowels of korogocho slums

The greatest bench of all time anywhere in the world. Koome and her people are a divine gift.