ruto bottoms up is very similar to hitler propaganda

Hitler is the greatest leader Germany ever had. He lifted germany from centuries of southern empires ganging up against prussian power. In the second world war, he decimated the British empire and the french colonial empire to the point they lost control of colonies. The order you enjoy right now was established through his effort between 1933 to 1945. Otherwise you would be a native living in a special reservation christened kavirondo nation, gikuyu nation, kamba nation and so on. black people in a country like kenya would be somewhere near 5 million and whites would be something like 50 million were it not for the counterbalance that hitler brought in the western world. hitler cut short the imperialist french and british, which allowed germany to be the leading nation there today, and as a side effect freed the remaining non european world from the two.
Nothing comes easy.

History is always written and skewed towards the Victors …
( … so always seek the alternative view for balance …)

Example: 1
The Dutch Refugee Immigrants who came to South Africa were wonderful people . They brought Christianity , Good Morals , education and progress. They saved the Black people from the evil King Shaka Empire that stretched up to Zimbabwe and Mozambique.They made South Africa the most advanced country in the continent.

Alternate Story:
They are a vile , racist bunch of killers and thieves whose ultimate goal was to set up a white dominated republic. They moved all non white’s into “homelands” and allocated 85% of all arable land to the 2% white population. Apart from a few “sellouts” and “Uncle Tom’s” , no black individual could ever aquire a quality education or life style. Millions were killed , tortured and imprisoned during the Apartheid Era.

The same can be said of the popular nonsense that the USA is the land of Democracy and Freedom or China is the only progressive people’s republic in the world.

Moral of the Story.
Before you swallow an Idea , Belief , Dogma or “His-tory” ( … or Her-story… ) hook line and sinker , always seek the alternate view to determine the whole truth … :D:D