Ruto baptized Master of Division

A normal day having totally not much to do apart from visiting twitter my other mother land, the goosebumps i get from the vast land is something else… as i traverse through the tweets and replies i come across some hashtag, how i missed it jana sielewi guess i was busy nwei
slori slori i jump in and there is too much that it overwhelms me, watu wako na mambo na maneno
if you have time check it out
is there some truth or its completely the whole truth, be the judge
Am Just A Villager

Riweriwaro twendy22 Uncle Ulliam statehouse

a tough year it will be

Half jubilee fears Ruto, the other half respects Ruto


just some paid bloggers doing what they’ve been asked to do. nothing new there. rather than talk up their candidate, they demonise another.