Ruto awache kutubeba hivi hivi.....

Kama watu wasio na kifani.
So Mudavadi can keep ANC and Wetangula FORD-K, and still work with UDA, but politicians from Mt. Kenya region can’t have independent parties and work with UDA ! ! ! ?

No, they’re not allowed to keep their legs either

Do you have a party and want to work with UDA? Hehehe. Stop the fake outrage.

Kahuni Maisha huyo Mjaluo amefanya mambo mingi mbaya when they come to mind unaona hapana.

I saw him dancing in Murang’a then I remembered the IDPs. That motherfucker was literally just dancing on their graves. 42 vs 1 tribe.

Arror has worked with Uhuru as equals, and that was several years ago, do you think Mt. Kenya politicians are qualified to work with Arror as equals? They worship Uhuru, Uhuru fears Arror.
Mt. Kenya politicians can only be loyal subjects to Arror, if they do a good job he will elevate them to be his lackeys.

You think the mountain is high, but Arror has been to the peak, and seen other mountains beyond the mountain, bigger than central Kenya

Is there a third candidate apart from the two thugs?

Lakini akina Moses Kuria and Kiunjuri wanted to strong arm DP naye akakuwa mjanja. They wanted ati juu wako na tuchama pia ati wakuwe equal partners.

Shida DP thinks he already has the Mt. Kenya votes. Atashangaa sana hivi karibuni.

Tukamwonia kanyoni ka ng’ethe.

Ikifika hapa ndio mtu husema Matiang’i awache ujinga asimame. We can’t be blackmailed by two criminals.

DP anataka kufanya mt kenya his personal whore… yaani you are a whore but you can’t have your own independent thoughts and you can’t fuck other men besides me… at times the tactic works depending on how naive the whore is or how she personally respects or fears you depending on the past thorough beatings you have given her for disrespecting you (Post election violence of 2007)

Wacha akunje hivyo amekunja. We will deal with his arrogance in style.

The problem here, is him being seen as if he is organizing the politics of Mt. Kenya region.

You mean the same Kikuyus who started playing Hot-Cold games on Ruto after 2017 election since they no longer needed him that much?

I thought mlisema Raila ni your Messiah.

Kukunja ndio nini

Truth is there is no man in Mt kenya, including the billionaires, who can stand up to Ruto. He owns central and he can do as he pleases.

Moses Kuria and Kiunjuri thought they could negotiate with 1month old briefcase parties , but lets wait for Murathe’s earthquake

How old is UDA?

This hypothesis will be put to test come August.

Mt Kenya allied Politicians and their followers have the memory of a warthog…the two candidate have never been nice to the region,even in the current political environment they are not fair to them but the dimwits can’t see.
Let me quote @ChifuMbitika

Arror hapangwingwi.