Ruto And Land Cases Are Familiar...

[SIZE=6]Ruto sucked into a controversy over the purchase of Murumbi Family 900 acres[/SIZE]

In Summary
[li]Former vice-president defaulted on an Sh8.9 million AFC loan and the corporation proceeded to buy the parcel in 1998 for Sh28 million.[/li][li]In December 2015, five family members, three of whom are now deceased, sought the intervention of the Chief Justice to repay the loan and be allowed to retain the land that their brother owned but were turned down in unclear circumstances.[/li][/ul]


The land, located 23 kilometres south-west of Kilgoris, was allocated to Murumbi in 1977 by the Narok County Council and was officially handed over to him by lands and settlements minister Joshua Angaine.
According to AFC records, Murumbi defaulted on a Sh8.9 million loan he had taken from AFC in 1985 to finance farming. He was required to repay the loan over 25 years.
Murumbi, an avid collector of African art, died in 1990.
His brothers, Mr Kitui ole Yiamboi and Oiboo ole Kapeen, filed a petition in court, arguing that the AFC loan had been written off by the government.
They filed a fresh application in the Environment and Land Court in Kisii challenging AFC, Intona Ranch Ltd, Kilgoris Land Registrar and the Attorney-General over the ownership of the land but lost the case.
The fresh case challenged the judgment on the grounds that the court case was filed by parties that had no legitimate expectations on the land.
Records filed in court show that in 1978, Intona Ranch borrowed from AFC Sh573,875, which was disbursed and eventually settled. A second loan of Sh8.6 million was given to the company in September 1985 and the land was used as security.
Intona Ranch defaulted, prompting AFC to demand immediate settlement of the outstanding amount. When that failed, AFC, through Dawning Agencies and Auctioneers, advertised the property for sale by public auction, and the land was bought by AFC on November 20, 1998 for Sh28 million.
A senior AFC official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that Murumbi and Mr Steve Omenge were listed as the directors of the ranch when the loan was taken in 1985 and a title deed was surrendered as security.

wakwende uko. wale watu wote @uwesmake ameauction wakuje after 10 years walipe waregeshewe mali yao? Family ya Murumbi walizoea kuchukua madeni bila kulipa.
Kwa io story yote sioni mahali H.E Dr. Ruto anaingililia

Alipe madeni

I have to say you’re quite the loyal wolf, begs the question if it’s your heart that bids you or the bread provided for you.

Murumbi shamba alitoa wapi kama si mwizi? Si ata heri Ruto alinunua?

I get it you’re Ruto through and through yaay, I’m simply inquiring on your motivation

Am against thieves calling one of them thief. If we have thiefs in kenya they are led by uhuru. If ruto is arap mashamba uhuru must be prince mashamba.

In a nutshell you dispute not his immoral ways, it’s the crowd he moves with that you are against?

Am against thieves telling me who is thief and who is not. Why is Uhuru and Raila financing people to call Ruto, one of their own a thief? uhuru is wearing sheep clothing and wants to join us fight his fellow wolves, so that he eats us all alone.

The Former VP Joseph Murumbi who was a pointee between Goan and Masai was childless when he died and it is not clear who the siblings were… I am sure Hustler took advantage of this and the loan issue to grab this peace of land

To ‘grab’ or buy?

Ruto was a bona fide purchaser for value without notice

They are claiming that he grabbed… sponsored campaign to paint him black completely… Please note that almost all newspaper headlines fingering individuals or corporations are always sponsored by some interested party… this one on The Standard is not difficult to discern as Gideon has interests there and he is part of the dynasties with UK and RAO…

Ati you seek CJ intervention to get land that was auctioned 18 years ago?

if he bought it with his money, then it is not grabbing. tuwache hii ujinga.