Ruto and beautiful chupilee damsels


Is that Jared the conman next to ruto ama ni mistaken identity?

Ni yeye

Digi confirms chief. It is him indeed

He attended this conman’s wedding?

The 3 men in that picture are all conmen.

Is The guy next to jared also the conman involved in this wetangula scam pia ???

That’s Zaheer.

I guess the Dubai debacle has significantly reduced their chances of retiring.

Hii wedding akina Orengo na kiraitu walienda. Roundi hii naona hizi stori za kupiga picha ovyo ovyo na raia tutawacha

Kendi Mwiti

Ni ukweli huyu vaite aliachana na hii mercenary?

Women always have a nice smile when they are around money. Illicit or not they don’t care.

The gold digging vaite chick is still with the nigga.Huyu jamaa hata apelekwe Hague, as long as he has his billions there is no way this lady is going to just leave him.It seems like she is not ready to downgrade from the lifestyle that the gold trader is providing for her.

Hizi ndizo vitu mjamaa alilipia dowry ya 50 Million,

yani mwanaume unarisk maisha yako scamming Asians and Arabs with fake gold alafu unapeleka hio pesa kulipia poosie mita hamsini. Wanaume wengine kweli hawajipendi. :D:D

Is this what Jubillee guys consider to be damsels??? very sad, hao watatu ni 5/10 at best, pretty average girl. The bride’s makeup looks too fake and is masking a 6/10 at best as can be seen in the pic below. My grandmother has sexier legs than this. Tembeeni Kenya muone what real damsels look like.

And these Nyanza guys paying so much money to bring home a girl from central demonstrates their low self-esteem, which is probably understandable since their girls man …, anyway, I recommend pump and dump central, don’t marry that, at least don’t pay heaven and earth

That Jared nigga always seems off, like a few screws were not tightened enough. In photos he always appears to be in another world.

@spear ongea sasa. :D:D:D

Ongea tuskie. Na usijifanye hujaona.


Jared anakaa kama amefungia mnyambo

What were you seeking when you saw your grandmother’s sexy legs?