ruto amenyanganya peasants 2k


In short govt has no money to pay workers. House of cards, watalipa tu baadaye with interest.

Secondly, other pension schemes take more than 3k but there investments can be audited and instills confidence.

NSSF shouldn’t be made compulsory if one is on another pension scheme.

Tupigie kura ruto tupunich huyo Uhuru… Said meno brown @Motokubwa

man’s visionary

Kwanza kuna ile video ya @Thirimaii amelemewa na pombe sokoni, man’s crawling like a sick canine after being castrated.

nimeweka britam…

mungich meno brown lets punish uhuru kabisa

Idiotic thread.Should even be raised to 5000, many civil servants especially jaruos retire to poverty

The problem is not the contribution…
It is the management of the same…
The opportunity cost.

NSSF uses 50% of the contributed funds on “administrative costs”. Ta imagini.


Hopes were high,but ukienda kununua maziwa unapata iko bei same na chrome,I go for the latter and down my sorrows.

Wadau hii kitu isipitishwe bana before accountability ya the 200 kwanza tuambiwe iko wapi.
NHIF walipandisha na bado kupata services pale hosii ni ngori

Hakuna any place for hiding saa hii, the only solution is to fight corruption. Or postpone problems by playing short term games

makamuzi makamuzi

There’s nothing wrong contributing even 5k.

The problem is in the management of NSSF.

How does the organisation spend 6b in administrative costs? Contrast say with NMG, which has contracted crews around the country, distributed newspapers every morning, etc. It’s administrative costs do not go beyond 3b…

typical government bureaucracy and inefficiency

Based on the portforlio allocation, NSSF should only spending a fraction of that on administrative costs