Ruto amekanyaga Chinese shingo.

Wahhh. Mtanyimwa loans nyinyi haiya.


ii inakaa mwitu ni joho ameandika

Interesting times ahead

Good to see Ruto is following economist ndii’s advice. Sgr is too expensive and inefficient

africans lipeni deni na ile terms mlisign …this maneno ya kichwa ngumu mtajua concept ya doh ilitoka majuu

We will pray and money will rain on Kenya like manna

The inland ports are not closed they will be open and the choice of the importers. What’s wrong with that? Most posts here are just echo chamber from twitter. Most popular posts are not the truth but an opinion. Uhuru was a dictator if you don’t see the liberation.

That is not what he promised, he had promised to revert all clearances to Mombasa. Most of the imports are for upcountry, why should people do it in Mombasa if they are free to choose?

So the SGR will become a white elephant and we will still have to repay the loan that was used for its construction? Where will the funds come from? More taxation?

NSSF is the new playing ground.

haya loan tutalipa vipi ?
can he also release the SGR loan agreement we see if the port was part of collateral…

watufikishie SGR Kimilili angalau hio fare tutalipa daily isaidie kulipa Chairman Mao

That poverty stricken area?

alifanya kazu buana

Wangeweka Dual Carriage from Mombasa to Malaba badala ya useless SGR. Better yet wangetumia old railway line but modify it to fit sgr. But hii scheme yote ilikuwa cash cow. Umbwa sana

I just don’t know if Ruto understands foreign policy