Ruto ameambiwa na President ya kwamba heshima ni muhimu!

[SIZE=5]Where is @spear ? :D:D

Must be shitting his pants.


Meanwhile a LUO man, yes a KAVIRONDO from the lake side praises Kenya’s GSU and even asks why South Africa doesn’t have GSU. :D:D:D:eek:

Wonders never cease. A Luo praising GSU.


gatheca awache beating around the bush n hit the nail
otherwise ii ni drama tu

Heshima ni muhimu.

You are the arrogance leader.
Dynasties have oppressed us tangu independence

I agree. Arror lost my vote because of being an insubordinate and impatient person.

Why the hurry? Or did Luto know something the rest of us didnot?

I was brought up and taught to respect people and also authority. So hio behavior ya hasla looks like the behavior ya uncivilised and uncultured makanga and chokoras we were always warned against.

Hatuchagui gideon. Ata wapakwe mafuta gidi na baba Hatuchagui.


Ng’ombe yoyote inasifia Mo1 inafaa itwangwe kabisa! Huyo jamaa alimalisa sisi kabisa! Jailing, ethnic clashes, murder et al. Heshima when you embark on a looting spree my foot!

Wote wamesifia Moi, tena sana.

Niliona ngombe zikipanga line kuenda viewing ya corpse yake…this country is beyond saving

Tena si amalize aende

Ruto kurukaruka Uganda akitombana na Museveni is disrespectful

Respect is earned. You can’t force it.
What is respect? Should people lie flat or walk on their knees around you to feel respected? What complex do you have?
Kulambwa lambwa hii… achia… ama wacha tu!