Ruto akuwe serious kidogo

i have been watching the interview of Penina Malonza CS Tourism and i can tell the village this woman barely passed class 8 and her form four certificate must be forged. infact Jumwa did way better than her.

the woman cant string a two word sentence and when she is asked a question she just aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssss for 5 minutes without answering anything. i know English is not a basis of intelligence but she cant speak any English at all . she cant comprehend and synthesize a question . she just goes around simple questions then jumps to the next one contradicting herself .

infact Wetangula had to reprimand her several times and come to her rescue coz she bluffed all through the interview . this will be the Tourism area where she has to formulate policy and go around the world looking for markets for Kenyas tourism .

hapa if the MPs are just sincere they must reject this nominee .

sielewi why Ruto chose some people who are clearly incompetent to head Ministries , ama we brace ourselves for major graft then we are watching the sacrificial lambs ?


Nabii ako sawa.

Who are you to contradict a professor in Botany and Amphibian Artificial Insemination?

Hata wakicreate CS of Kimilili Affairs hauwezi penya vetting. Meffi

this woman is clearly mkamba illiterate with zero leadership skills. she is the same woman who is on record saying she will walk naked after kukosana na gavana

fluent english isnt a requirement to be a CS , this is kenya and kenya is our business

Yes, she can always use kiswahili while looking for tourists abroad.

She also got educated in Swahili. Did her Bachelors in Swahili and her Sciences in Swahili too. She can most definitely dissect any global pertinent issues, especially ones that touches on tourism, in pure swahili.

Maliza hio Ruto sycophant please


Echesa was also part of cabinet courtesy of WSR

This bullshit ya mtu kutosoma then kuanza kujichocha vile ame make it in life should stop, it’s sending a bad message to kids growing up

Someone once mentioned to me, ukitaka kufaula public service ama kwa gava, pretend to be the dumbest of the lot.

You will soar very far

It’s an interesting time to be living in this shithole of ours. Time wengine wanaona kivumbi … others are soaring to new heights.

Ni vile tu hatukuwa na “option”, acha Ruto ajinice…so far sioni tukisaidika.

Serikali ni ya mama mboga … bottom up


I think WSR likes these types of individuals because he knows they don’t have any options. A person with legitimate qualifications to be a CS most likely has several gigs available but politicians like Echesa and Jumwa would be in the wilderness without the support of WSR. Losing an election and facing a five year drought has finished many politicians. This buys their loyalty.

swali tu elders Echesa was an illiterate person ali perform aje kwa sports? tuwache ujinga @mlipuayote

tutasaidika aje chief ?

They already cast themselves as role models