Ruto aibu mission abroad

They say so…

Not sure what you are driving at but this is not a high ranking official. He’s a parliamentary under secretary of state.

Leta equivalent hapa Kenya.
Ministerial team
The Rt Hon. Ben Wallace MPSecretary of State
Jeremy Quin MPMinister of State for Defence Procurement
The Rt Hon. The Baroness Goldie DLMinister of State for Defence (unpaid)
James Heappey MPParliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Armed Forces.
Hii ni madharau kapsaa. I bet when he walked to his office; checked his day schedule n appointments. He immediately yelled out to his assistant. Jenny …wtf is this at 11o’clock.
Jenny: Ooh yeah. Upstairs called. They need someone to meet the Africans. Just for a brief meet, greet n a familiarisation tour.
James; bloody fuckin’ hell … why me hey.
Jenny: Comes with the job darling … someone gotta appease the Africans they said … gesturing upstairs with her finger.
James: Fuckin right they do. Significance
Jenny; Bureaucrat VIP. 30 min max. The usual.





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Huyo low ranking official akikuja Kenya president wenu mtukufu Uhuru Kenyatta atampigia magoti. Last time foreign minister wa country fulani alikuja Kenya si mlifunga mabarabara na askari wote kenya wakaitwa Nairobi kupeana backup

So you support how Ruto is kissing mzungu’s ass

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