Ruto adds more debt in first six months than Uhuru since independence

Maliza uende


“Kumi yangu kumi ya uliam.” That is where the rain started beating us

And he can’t pay salaries

Anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina @Berlin Oxford and buddies, priss asembo

*Recurrent expenditure cut down by 4B
*Revenue up by about 88B.
*Tax collection up by 62B.

Amefanya! Hata NMG inaskia mauchungu sana posting these fugures knowing things look up and comparatively, JSKS figures are better, no wonder the vague heading

What happened to 300mbirrions savings? Kuwapandisia and then doing the minimal kuwalaghai

He is borrowing on his behalf ,not on behalf of the stupid hustlers , soon he will be a mega dynasty. His homosexual son will purchase hactares huko USA and marry his male love

Ruto has not even read his first budget.
Everything anafanya saa ii ni kupanguza mavi ya mlevi, and spraying air freshner kutoa harufu yote.