Ruto about to see the mountains beyond the mountain

And the overlords hiding in the dark. [MEDIA=twitter]1577718655198138384[/MEDIA]

Maybe they are hitting back after we made our stand clear on the Russia-Ukraine affair

What was the stand?

Guys…do we really need Americans?

Low IQ Sani, acha kuchocha watu. Hakuna kitu wazungu hupenda kama presidents kama Ruto

Yeah thieving bonobo dictators who plunder and exploit their citizens without mercy. Ukiwa hivyo you qualify to be a democratic third word commonwealth president in blue eyed demons eyes

We accepted GMO, that should be enough to appeasement…

C’s defense is a symperthizer

Yule ambassador to un bado haja soma composition ingine? Alipewa asome he refused?

Ama ile macho putin alitolea yeye after the first speech ni kali sana? :D:D

Sasa Ruto ataletewa Defence contract ya kusign to save him from Alshaitani.

And fckers ate Kenyans money for interview at Embassy @19k pp for 500k people since 2019 then wakadai ummm we talk in 2024.
America is a scam. To live and die in Africa.

What stand chifo and the secretary of state was on a phone call with Arror just recently… thanking him on our stand regarding Russia at the UNSC. What fuckin’ stand man…

They also hate fat whores like your mother and wife

Kenya voted this week to condemn Russia, what are you saying?

US and UK ndio waliibia ruto kura