Ruto, a fried chicken, almost ready to be served

Ruto is in deep shit. Every move the government is doing is to limit or completely crush his powers. He is now a flower girl in government. Imagine matiangi a minister having the ‘guts’ to tell him off on media,ati wewe na wale wakora wako… . However, Ruto seems to be taking things on slow motion. Kudos to him on that. I think he his watching and waiting for the mafias/kenyatta’s wing to lay their plans bare. The big question is: in rutos mind, did he anticipate such moves? How correct was his anticipation? Does he have any remedy? 2019,will be a very long political year. I expect the rift between ruto and uhuru to be more public. When it rains while still on road, you can decide to continue walking if the rain ain’t strong, but when it starts raining hard, with ice falling then you seek shelter with immediacy. How long or how far from Ruto’s breaking point are we? When does he decide---- kama mbaya ni mbaya??

By march this year things will be hot!

Uhuru cannot leave us in bad hands, he is patriotic

Uhuru bure kabisa! Like all drunks and drunkards, he is unpresidential, unpredictable and uncouth! Amefanya ujinga Mwiiingi in a short time even keen observers have lost count! Remember ile quip yake ya kiulevi eti huyo “kijana anaitwa Ruto anatangatanga huko vichochoroni”… Sasa hata kama hii appointment was in good faith, watu wanajaribu kufanya mahesabu yao ya 1 plus 1 waone kama kweli ni 2 ama ni 11!

Yaaani unaogopa Ruto hivyo

Uhuru is very gullible, that is the problem of having a stupid president in office. He is being manipulated heavily bybhis family and inner circle, but he his blind to all of it. He doesn’t see the effect of his actions. Very very shameful indeed.

Ruto si mchezo my friend, imagine 20 years ago ruto was a nobody, and now he has sent the political elite on panick mode trying every move they can to stop his match to statehouse.

like it or not … hustler our the next president …people are still in denial about this but its a fact

I wouldnt count Ruto out yet… he is brilliant. But admittedly, the odds are heavily stacked against his favour.

In my view, his only chance of clinching the presidency is if he ensures that the opposition against him does not present a single candidate against him… Yani what Moi did in splitting up FORD in 1992, Roto should do in 2022. Then atleast he will have a fighting chance.

Is that what githeri media fed you?

Kumbafu hii, utapata media gani vitu nmeandika

What effects are you talking about ?

Things are getting thicker, but maybe this year will give a glimpse of his chances, and the specifics of it.

I think people are reading much into these. Uhuru has simply transferred the roles of nzioka waita to matiangi. Nzioka waita has been in charge of presdential delivery unit supervising goverment projects to its completion. And he has been reporting directly to president with cabinet secretaries briefing him on these. Ruto has only been launching projects but not supervising its completion or whatever… The only time I will read too much into it is if there is a cabinet reshuffle and we have key Ruto lieutenants thrown away and not replaced with some of his buddies again. Other than that… All these are mere speculations which are good just for entertaining and feeding the mind

How does he intend to accomplish this ? Just give us a rough estimate, in terms of %, how many votes he will get in 5 former provinces or regions.
Winning a Presidential election is a science, very precise. Kazi kwako ?

The effects of the handshake, he has a very strange view on its purpose and effects. He doesn’t see the link between 2022 and handshake, that’s why when asked by journalist alkuwa akisema mambo ya 2022 sitaki kusikia, yatanikasirisha

True, we dont know how things will work out. Remember in 2013, I thought Raila was going to win. But the Kenyatta and Ruto formed a coalition at the 11th hour (apparently Ruto was the driving force behind this coalition) and look how this coalition totally changed the political equation of the time. Uhuruto were victorious

You must be joking if you can’t see the nuanced messages behind this shocking announcements.

What will help ruto is the miscalculations they make. The weakest link being matiangi. Matiangi is an idiot, very egoistical and efficient, but very deficient where it matters most, knowing/understanding minds of men. That is the weakest link.

Uhuru from the onset, set his big four agenda, and requested all to support and work towards it, but Ruto thought he was very clever, gave the President a middle finger, and started traversing the country campaigning, for an election that was 4yrs away.
Then Uhuru decided that was enough. Sasa Ruto analia nini ?