Ruth 3








leo afadhali

Ngoja gilbeys iishe kwa kichwa aamke alete assessment. Alisema ako ushago na under 18.

She looked more like a 15 year old girl.

Huyu si wa class ya watu wengi hapa. She is a city lawyer from a prominent family and making some good mullah.

Ati lawyer? Of what? The laws of sucking cock and slaying? Corazon is also a lawyer.

Our society is funny. I heard Natalie Tewa saying she is an engineer and was trained abroad.
Unashindwa what the eff is she doing slaying and sponging off a Ugandan conman. He threw her out on the middle of the night and she was screaming her head off at the sponsor.

But ni class yako?

Hizo mini, namalisa shifo kabisa

Of course yes

That’s the adverse effect of being educated without learning. She went to school but never learnt anything.

Degree huku ni karatasi ya kufloss nayo

Name a few Talkers that aren’t eligible, and a few that are

If you had killed Tob Cohen and you were facing life in prison would you hire dearest Ruth here to represent you in court?

There’s one anajulikana kwa tv but in reality huwa amebebea the senior lawyer who has employed him, files na briefcase. And that individual has been doing that for several years now. I have also heard that a young lawyer may earn as low as 15k starting salary.

:Dwhy so salty?

Kama Huyu … :smiley:


we also went to school,we know them…hawa ni wale tulikua tunaokolea during cats,exams and supplementary we know the ‘science’ of how we transmitted those degrees to them and what they are good at only

siwezmind kulipa elfu

that bed type is so common kwa nude pics ,are these hotels or what?it has qualified as a sign of flesh peddler nikiona kwa pic za dem

Are you blind? Don’t you see anything wrong with this picture?
You have a society where you give birth to a girl child, educate her and this is the end product. And society is very okay with that. Na haujiulizi corona virus imekuja kwa nini.

Of course I imagine you’ll be salty the day you see your daughter here if you have one.