Russia's Vladimir Putin Killed Qassem Soleimani throu US

3 months towards Qassem Soleimani’s murder, there were reports of a power struggle in Syria, between Iran and Russia, on who is to control and influence Syria. Iran wanted to take over Tartus Port, which Russia has bought rights to hold its 11 naval warships, for 49 years

To secure Irans presence in the Mediterranean, Qassem Suleiman was working towards controlling Latakia and Tartus sea ports, which Russia is very keen on retaining for its own strategic reasons.

In March 2019, president Al Assad visited Iran, and immediately ordered the management of Latakia Port transferred to the Iranians.
Initially the port was being managed by a Syrian Company.

On November 26 2016, Irans chief of staff, Mohammad Bagheri announced Irans plans to build sea ports in Yemen and Syria, and a railway from its territory to latakia via Iraq.

The reports on the decision of the Syrian regime to place the Latakia port under Iranian control angered Russia, and even caused a crisis of trust between Russia and Syria.

Russia fears the move will jeopardize its interests in Syria, especially considering the proximity of the Latakia port to Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase, and also fears that Iran will not just manage the port but take the opportunity to build a naval base within it. The competition between Iran and Russia over the port of Latakia also stemmed from the huge profits to be had from developing it, especially during the stage of rebuilding Syria.

Following Assad’s visit to Tehran, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned him that his survival depended on Russia alone and that if Russia stopped supporting him, Iran would not be able to defend him.

Conspiracy theories

Shughulika una umeffi ya lootal

Plausible theory. A lot of people in Middle East are happy Trump has done the dirty work for them by outing the Iranian Soleimani

This… plausible

This…with a pinch of salt . Russia meddles in everything

The US wants to test its latest weapons against Russian air defence systems, before their are released into the market. If Iran goes to war with US, Russia will be the sole supplier of air defense against US fire. Russia will make great profits, US will make great profits too after the test, more orders from south Korea, Saudi Arabia and all countries within North Korea’s reach

This…makes sense now. Iran is just a pawn in big chess board