Russia's geography fascinates me .

I never stop obsessing with Russia’s huge landmass and her history. Straddling from Europe to Asia hii country iko na depth ingine wazimu and you begin to understand why the most sanctioned country in the world has brushed them and will in fact register higher growth than the UK this year and US next year according to the IMF. It also explains why it recovered so quickly and became a superpower after Germany’s genocidal invasion in World War II and why it is the most resource-rich country in the world . On my bucket list is a trip on Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok near North Korea

Check hii maneno

Kuna haka ka exclave kanaitwa Kaliningrad kako between Poland and Lithuania na kaukasirisha NATO sana. Russia helped herself after World War II and expelled over 1 million Germans wakaleta Russians .[ATTACH=full]494948[/ATTACH]

Country ina stretch East all the way to Japan mpaka kwa Islands walichukua kutoka kwa the slit eyes in WW2 pia .The Japanese population there too was expelled .


Hii nchi ni kubwa buana .You would never know that they share a lake, or rather a sea, with Iran and have a huge city near North Korea called Vladivostok .

West kabisa they share a border with the US and when the Bering Strait freezes during winter ,you can literally walk from Russia to the US .Crazy again when you think remember that Alaska was Russia’s and they sold it to the US .smh


sawa tumesikia. Enda ukamuliwe huko then urudi utupe hekaya. Ghasier

I hope he get racially profiled properly. Akirudi ajue no matter how hard he licks their asses and balls he is still as black as soot in their eyes and shall be treated as such by the mzungu.

We ghaseer all those big countries are all Federations. US, UK, Russia, Germany, China, Brazil are all Federations and if we form Bantu Federation, we may replicate them.

Kusema ukweli many of the Russians i have worked with are very cool dudes…don’t indulge in petty office politics and are only concerned with finishing the work on time

kusema ukweli yafaa nikae na racists russians ama germans kuliko los nyeuthi orangutan dim eyed bonobos kama wewe ama jaluos… kwanza wewe mizee miteso ni roho chafu afadhali chimpanzee:meffi: chief tribalist

Hii ndio shida ya kukosa degree na passport. I have been to many countries and the worst treatment I’ve got was from people who look like me.

I was hustled in 100 USD in Murtala Muhammed, and every time I have been to TZ, I’ve lost a luggage and/or have to bribe cops on some trumped up charges.

The most I’m likely to get in Russia are stares and curiosity from people who have never seen a black person in real life.

Takataka get a passport utembee utoe ignorance.

This one unaweza pewa ticket directry from this kijiji

Mungich mbona sioni thread ya meat grinder pale soledar. PMC Wagner wanasiaga ukronazi NATO puppet without mercy.

did you get to taste their “stolihynia”, hao watu hukunywa alcohol content ya disinfectants

Tanzania wako na ujinga sana. They nearly went with my laptop eti it was a “security threat” lol.

Stop shaking your under graduate degreed head. Russia selling Alaska was a strategic decision because they would have still lost it violently (through war) then, either to the Canadians, Brits or Americans.

Out of curiosity why would they want to lose a piece of their country violently ?

what a foolish question.

The bear

Leta yako smart

You are so obsessed with the Chinese and Russians you strongly believe you will never be profiled by them ever? Bro, at this point its very clear you got issues. A 35 year old man lacking critical thinking. Acquaint yourself with the Murphy’s laws. You are so naïve it hurts. Kama tu mtoto mdogo, no wonder you hide behind degrees and IQ shit. Low self esteem and insecurity galore. What are The chances the same perSon would spend his whole days parroting about degree, IQ and to top it all, women aging???

Well nailed

Make sure you get a degree and/or a passport in the next 10 years uweze ku expand akili na horizons. Utoe ujinga uweze kuelewa how the world runs.

Degree na passport muhimu sana