Russians give abandoned Ukraine fukuswiis proper burial

You are our brothers so we will give you proper burial. Said a Russian general. This was after comedian Zelensky abandoned them. Wapi makofi kwa Russians for having such good hearts? @hakimoto @Simiyu22
May God bless them

War is tragic. Kenya mkaanza vita I would never remain to fight. Heri niende nchi ingine I start life afresh.

But Ukraine is winning buana! This must be Russian propaganda.

Jamaa wamefariki wamefariki. I would never celebrate the death of anyone, even a Russian ( except Putin). I refuse to be a war monger.

Your whole lineage never had a man, clearly …lineage of biaches and biatch arsse negroes


This is one who believes in US and CNN.
Can’t understand history or reality.

I last watched cnn 18 years ago.

Why are you not in Somalia helping your clan?

I will take the obbortunity to become a warlord ,ntafangia ghaseer Kama poboloko and his fellow homosexuals to obrivion

47 tribes…you think one will come to aid the other?guess again. Kitu inasaidia kenya ni ukabila mwingi. Who will go to war against who? Remember your grandpa telling you not to marry from “that” tribe? Yeah,his words should be classified as wisdom . Hakuna haja ya kuenda inchi nyingine ingia tu danguro flani tao,noma ikipungua

I’ve never thought about it that way. You may be right.