Russian scientist who worked on the failed moon probe rushed to hospital after criticizing Putin

While in hospital, it’s expected that he would fall from a window in “mysterious way”

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Woi They put radioactive Paladium in his food.

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Polonium imetembea


Hehe… you gotta luv the way the Russians do things. Uko democracy is a dirty word


Could have simply been pressure without need for foul play…

Huyo ashadungwa polonium 210.

Msito Putin! :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

Watu wafagie kwao!

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Hata yeye ni meffi sana . Mbona ushindane na putin kukunia

I think Putin is right , hata wewe mabeshte zako wakienda kukutangaza kwa adui unawamaliza ama kuwakata. Even USA kutoa Siri za serikali utakipata. Trump took few printouts za secret bullshit kutumia kupanguza mcoondur after kukunia they are now crusifying him yet he was their president at one time . Why is it different from hii ya Russian?

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Meanwhile the main man is working out the destruction of folk who until recently relied on the soyuz to service their sector of the iss. Putin the man!

Didn’t know grown asse men actively seek gossip and peddle it around after they found it!

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Those still relying on european and american fake news lamestream media look at yourselves. Decide whether you are africans or europeans with excess melanin. And then act appropriately. @Aka_mpole , et al, its you guys I’m talking to.