Russian forces bomb Ukraine power grid


Putin akanyageee hao mashoga bila huruma.

Putin nikama alijipanga na pesa ya kutosha. Most likely this is a war that had been planned for years. Wars are fought with money not guns

Zelenskyy is a highly egocentric man and he needs to go like yesterday. The whole world is suffering because of one man who refuses any peaceful negotiations. Putin wants peace yet his country is far more powerful than Ukraine. Moreover why is Ukraine getting NATO benefits without being an official NATO member? Isn’t that corruption? The world is bigger than one man. He needs to go, the big GO away - forever.

Ukiongea hivi nasikia vizuri.

Wazi Headmaster, teach these kids how wars are fought. Sio kila saa Maji Maji and Hehe Rebelion mara na Dr Krapf


Nilisema soon Ukraine will be Europe’s Somalia. Hawa watu hawana akili.

Si unaona kila mwezi sleepy Joe anafulizia zelesenky. Money is crucial in wars. Somalia is a case study in Africa where a broke country engaged in military combat with rag tag militia who had adequate support from Arab nation. Somali soldiers had not been paid for a year and at some point the soldiers were fighting on empty stomach. What ensured is They receded most of their territory to war Lord’s until they got external support.

That’s smart of them, in that case isn’t it in Somalia/Ukraine’s ruling class intrests to keep the war going?

kaza kabisa mzee Putin

Zelensky ni kipii sana. He doesn’t want to hear anything like talking about peace. Juzi msito Elon Musk told him to talk to Putin and he told him to fuçk off. The money must be sweet.

He forgets that America will go home leaving Ukraine in ruins.

Ndekwe ni odijo wa Physics and Chem