Russian False Flag

Guys kama uko Europe, stay safe. Putin is about to be mad. Stock on water and essential items. If possible go back home.

Kwa ivo the fucker might be attempting to create a false narrative in order to intensify attacks on Ukraine? Very crafty.

Lakini mimi naona ni nghosts za Navalny na Pringozin zinatafuta uyu munjamaa

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I don’t buy the man in charge vibes Putni tries very hard to pull off. The rate at which perceived rivals akina Navalny, Prigozhin and others are dropping dead, falling off of high rise windows points to a deeply worried, troubled man, holed up in the Kremlin, afraid of his shadow.
He can’t wait for MAGA Trump arudi WH ashikilie yeye

Krakas wamalizane banae