Russian F1 at Sochi

could anyone help a brother out in figuring what time this showdown will be live in Kenyan time? Ferrari have finally come of age back to their glory days, for some weird reason everyone in the motor racing world is happy that Mercedes and Hamilton era of monopoly is over!!!

Tulilala after mzito AJ kutwanga mzungu mangumi.


1300 HRS BST (1500 HRS EAT)

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aliangusha 500 yangu pia hehe

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super thanks wewe ni team merc ama Ferrari?


i guess you meant Team Force India, they are representing all Indian brands

Team Ferrari…though I usually find myself following on results and not watching the actual races. I realized there are some merc fans all coz Lewis is black!!

always been a vettel fan since his days at redbull, Hamilton and Mercedes have a monotonous monopoly on F1, that needs to change

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