Russian army cremating dead colleagues there and there


Jameni, I know these are desperate times, but let’s desist from spreading fake nyews.

Something sinister could be afoot.
Cummanda in chief getting rid of some ‘undesirables’…only time will tell.

It is messy, noisy and finally hot.

Kuna a chick who just posted in her Whatsapp status an ARMA 3 video footage thinking its real life & happening between Ukraine & Russia. If people could just take even 10 minutes to verify some info they get online before posting them, I think we would be in a much better place. Even the guys who create the info as a prank/propaganda never need to do much work.

Russia army has been using mobile crematoriums since 2013. Fake news is you. It was actually posted by Russia ministry of defence

Okay :D:D:D:D


YOU are fake as well if you can differentiate propaganda.

Prove it is propaganda. This thing has been online all those years. ‘‘Fake news’’ is a clique when you have no counter argument

Do you have a single picture of a Russian mobile crematorium in Ukraine? If you don’t, we call that desperate propaganda.

Fake or not it’s brilliant still. Kama rustlers hakuna kubeba fallen warrior’s/soldiers in battle.Kubebana na maiti ni ujinga ya hali ya juu. For us dying in battle brings great honor and respect to the family. Bringing back a dead body from battle is prohibited, a bad omen. Taboo.

Ndume ni mushamba ya Kingangofu Huko Kwa mlevi chokora @Sokwe mtu

The engineering challenges of implementing kitu kama hiyo cheaply and with normal size considerations bado ziko changa.

Fake nyews achia CNN

Pokot ni chura

:D:D burukenge

Niaje Barmuriat mwizi ya ng’ombee.