Russian And Chinese threat leads Japan to militarise

Inakaa all former Nazi allies will now go to war Russia and China.

:D:D Slava Russia Z

Japan huto tuzee tutaweza vita.

They are suicidal, they will go down with their archipelago

Japan already has a shrinking working population and conflict wont help them with that problem.

Japan is an occupied country.

I dont think there is ever an interesting group kama Japan. Those niggas landed their planes on american warships.

Ogopa anyone who has nothing to loose.

The only chaps who have ever dared take war on American soil :smiley:

That was pre missiles and satellite guidance era. Saa hii anyone with a will can wipe the US off the map if willing…

Those homosexuals have effed up their liberal bs and gone too far but I don’t think there’s any nation on earth that has the balls to go ahead with such an extreme plan. Wale wangeweza are either demilitarized or allies of the homos.

What I meant is that back then, the missile and nuclear knowledge was in the hands of a few nations. Saa hii hata Somalia or Burundi wakitaka wanaweza tengeneza missiles na atomic bombs if they put their focus into it…

True that. Most nations have one form of deterrence or another too.

It is not that easy. It is very expensive. I don’t think most African countries military even match the Germany, USA, Japanese and uk army of the second World War in terms of facilities.

Nope, current Japanese generation are too docile, they can’t do anything to China. . They’ll call for help.

Wale wangeweza ni kama kina nani?

Germany and Japan; there’s a reason the homos have somewhat demilitarized those nations.

The jap militaristic gene is hibernating deep inside them, it’s just needs someone to shout Chinese are attacking and it will come out guns blazing


Nope, the Americans have worked very well on them.Since defeat in world war 2, their traditional values have been washed out. sikuhizi ni baseball, breakdance, mc Donalds tu. na anime

You are right and that’s why we will keep insisting that degree ni muhimu sana