Russia Terror Attack Possible Likelihoods ( by Mcamba Illiterate )

  1. Random ISIS attack as suggested by the mainstream media (very unlikely)

  2. False flag operation by Putin to draw attention away from the just concluded bogus elections (Very likely)

  3. Ukrain retaliation attack for Putin’s invasion (similar to Hamas’ attack on Israel) Likely.

  4. CIA sponsored attack (Very likely)

  5. Oligarch sponsored attack created to give Putin and his administration a headache (Likely)

Mbut am njust a landom Kamba mboy flom Kathonzweni who loves Mbalonzi and Ungali what ndo I know ambout World politics?

Wacha niende nikule maembe nalundi.

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Kula na ukufe , that’s much better

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Ghaseer kwa nini unajiongelesha?

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Ghasiaa @Tauren acha kusumbua chief chokosh na upuss … bloody fuckin…


Peasant wannabe rustler @Gaza nipatie ndiasa nikug’ute kung’u kung’u

That’s lame bro … nice try, but weak. Try harder…

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I’ve scrutinized your posts for a long time.

Niliwaambia a peasant is really easy to spot, from a true dollar billionaire’s perspective.

All those fairy tales about cattle rustling and hefty inheritances are just that - Bullshit jaba base hekayas.

And then you have this peasant habit of writing in a pseudo-American accent.

I can bet my balls your net worth is < 2 million Ksh.



It’s all good cousin, I ain’t here trying to prove myself to anyone bro. I care little for approval and that kinda shit.


Rustler sasa unataka kulia?

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Your 1 / 2 and 5 ideas or a combination are closer to the truth …
Late this game play out a little and the truth will soon surface…

Putin by nature is a very poor liar and often contradicts himself…

But you can take it to the bank that the CIA might have known about it ( they have very big ears ) but had nothing to do with it …

zane kamau tombwa mkundu

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I’ve never trusted putin and maybe russians collectively and it wount start today…no way hoze.

Only that we don’t care. We didn’t ask for your trust and we dont want it. Wonder why you think we would be interested in knowing about your trust issues.

@Josto_Bwaku likes this , bwana josto why don’t you penetrate ghaseeer @Tauren for fucks sake Dio atulize nyenge?

“Putin Faces Some Nasty Surprises” - Victoria Nuland’s Threat Exactly One Month Before Moscow Attack. And she is talking about asymmetrical war. Yaani attacks someplace else with some other method not in the meatgrinders of the donbass where they are loosing.

Then she was bypassed for promotion and then she resigned in a huff.


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Lazima umesoma place
Low IQ bonobo
No way you can string such

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Then yuess tells yukrane not to attack oil facilities, then issues terror alert.


Keep my name out of your orifice. Thank you

Ok boss , as long as you don’t laugh like a whore when am attacked by homosexuals.thanks

You lad, who said anything about trust? You seem a tad obsessed with a concept far too complex for your limited emotional range. Now, scoot along before you drool on yourself. Adults are talking."