Russia puts USA in its place

Russia has curtailed USA military superiority

Yeah, America is peeing its breeches…

Especially with Russian made Pantsirs being taken down by Turkish drones in Syria.

Upuss mtupu.

Peasant in Chief

Sokwe mtu is typing …

Nliona 1960s

Long live mother Russia

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Basically Russia is saying all navies in the world are obsolete thanks to this hypersonic missile. It covers 450kms in 4.5 minutes. Russia is also telling the usa that it has perfected hypersonic missiles into small size missiles that fit into its convectional missile silos in its destroyers and frigates small ships without any reconfiguration. Lean, mean, fast and deadly hypersonic missile. Now if this is put on all its current ships then Russia navy has air, land and sea deterrent anywhere, that is unmatched and therefore no need of a big navy fleet. Saves money while they still maintain upper hand.

Russia’s doctrine has always been very simple. Any American attack on the motherland will be met with a ferocious response to ensure that Americans dont celebrate victory.

Team Russia hunichekesha sana. Russia fires a hypersonic missile wanasema ati America Kwisha!

If America decides on a serious arms race like it did in the 80s when the Soviet Union could not compete, how will Russia compete with them today.

Hii mambo ya kulook for any small thing Russia does halafu kudeclare America ķwisha wacheni please. The state of california on its own has a bigger economy than Russia.

Yeah, but remember David slew Goliath

am sure americans are dieing to put their hands on the missiles to copy …

In any case, I dont understand you guys. People who have actually been ruled by Russia literally stampeded to the American side when the USSR was dissolving. Virtually all Eastern European Warsaw pact countries are now in Nato… even former Soviet States.

Other countries like Ukraine also want to join. So you guys know bethter than these millions of people who have experienced moscow’s rule, some of them for centuries??

Sawa basi, you guys know better…

wanasahu the real arms race ni economy. the US just had to outspend Russia like they already do with the dollar hegemony, by winter when the Russians are starving they’ll have forgotten about the war.

Especially with a Republican President, 666 was a cold one.

The usa started believing its own hype and propaganda for far too long. The 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s to present. Putin came, reformed Russia, its economy boomed and rebuilt its industry. China become and economic and industrial power as well. However what those two countries did with their navies was smart. At a fraction of what usa costs they are building better ships, with more armour, stealth, electronic suites, radar and range. Almost every new class is Russian-Chinese navy ship class matches the corresponding higher class of usa navy ship. The usa builds many at very high cost, they build few for half the cost.

Usa destroyer

Russian new stealth destroyer

Chinese stealth destroyer.
China is build one new destroyer a year, its also building a whole fleet in 5 years. That black hawk was sold to China in the 90’s. They have since a replica:D

This is a Russian stealth frigate, its a class lower than the bigger destroyer. However Russian have armed it so lethally that it can take on any west destroyer on its own. Cheaper to operate and maintain. Its now being mass produced. Russia doesn’t see the reason why to have more than 10 destroyers. This will do. How from the vertical missile at its deck, it can host this hypersonic missiles as shown from the video. That was just a demonstration to usa navy that all our frigates can now sink any vessel in any theatre. From one sea point to another, land and air. Complete deterrence.

Long live China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. They keep the hook nosed Zionists in check

vita ni pesa. kama huna pesa tuliza.