Russia losing equipment at an alarming rate

Aircraft losses: [SIZE=5]Russia - 60, of which: destroyed: 49, damaged: 4, abandoned: 2, captured: 5[/SIZE]

Other equipment losses (tanks, APCs e.t.c.): Russia - 1644, of which: destroyed: 788, damaged: 30, abandoned: 221, captured: 605

They are also taking a lot of casualties.

How do you verify battleline Info and news??

Soma hizo link vizuri. Every piece of equipment on the list is backed up by photographic or video evidence.

Photos and videos nowadays can be doctored to drive particular naratives

Go onto Twitter. Full of destroyed Russian tanks. Live coverage too. No editing.

both sides use the same tanks , ukraine just draw a z on it and claim its a russian tank. it happens

and how many equipment has ukraine lost ?

So when are ukrainians going to take moscow? What twitter thinks?


How can war be covered live without endangering lives?

They are on pure defensive purposes. They can’t rule Russia as minorities, if they made it there.

Smartphones and drones do wonders.

Lol acha jokes , You can’t broadcast war live, its like begging your enemy to kill you.

It seems that people who believe Ukraine has won the war are also big supporters of azimio-lonzo and the COVID vaccine. Tragedy upon tragedy upon tragedy.

Wee mi ni mtu wa Azimio but mi si wa Ukraine. Obviously I want the best for Ukrainians but I understand why Russia needs to secure its borders.

You are fool. Western media blocked russian channel to suppress the truth. Kwa grao ghasia zinalimwa kama brrkenge.

Game bado changa. I saw some military analyst say u can’t win a war against a ppl opposed to u. After hii mambo ya bombing they will need to enter the ground. That’s how russia/us lost in Afghanistan, us in Vietnam…

What you are forgetting. Eastern ukraine is made of ethnic russians. Who were oppressed by the Kyiv government for 8 years. Hawa will side with russian army. Before Putin went to war he said he recognised the former Lugansk and Donetsk boundary. Which stretches to Dneiper river. His goal of the wae is to annex them. Mariupol as a port city which is vital for the breakway region.

fake news. hypersonic missile ya juzi destroyed all weapons from Poland