Russia Has Destroyed 33% Of Ukraine's Power Stations In Just 1 Week With Iranian Kamikaze Drones

Russian missiles and kamikaze drones will keep Ukrainians warm during the coming winter.

Putin anafanya Kazi buana.


These Ukirops saa zingine hunishangaza sana .They try to play dirty na indiscriminate shelling kule Donbass and the nuclear power plant and one off strikes Volgorod hawakuona vile Putin alikua restrained but they kept pushing his hand .
The next phase of this war will be very ugly for the Jewish and Nazi Ukrops.

Putin restrained himself, till they started blowing bridges and he went nuts. This will escalate till zelensky become a liability, I do not know what he wants to achieve …WWW3?

Harden your heart Putin show them no mercy.

Finya kabisa ile pahali msitooooh…
penda sana
@hakimoto leta new twist

Yet they keep spewing propaganda that Ukraine is winning. Russia has the capability to erase Ukraine in 7 days. This is just a war with Russia’s hands tied due to humanitarian grounds.

All out war would see Ukraine reduced to a pile of debris in days, saa hiyo no boots on the ground ni mbula Tu ya makombora from Land, Sea and Air

nato installed Zelensky should have compromised for a deal the moment russia announced a referendum , but instead he wants to indefinately escalate the war… mimi naona Putin akideclare full scale war eventually

This is surely a tough year for @Abba @Swansea and @rexxsimba .

They have not recovered from the devastating election loss tena ndio hio Ukraine. Na u.s primaries ndio hizi nazo zinakuja. And Ruto has refused to retire and hand over power to Raila like they thought would happen.

The supplies department is raking in tons of cash

make it 70 % in the next two weeks

Ukiangalia hiyo source, mbona msiseme ni propaganda from the West?


They can no longer hide. Putin sasa hatumii lube

At the rate Russian soldiers and conscripts are getting killed , surrendering or running into exile , Putin may not even have an army by next year …

He has only 1 ace left up his sleeve …
The nuclear option …
And we all hope he goes for it …
Then Game Over for good … :D:D:D

33 percent destroyed and yet UKRAINE IS STILL FEEDING KENYA.

Tutume uhunye kama peace envoy huko Ukraine na Russia. Mabro wakae chini wa bonge. Shida ni hao mashoga wanachochea huyo fake Jews.

Seems this country is extremely rich… resource wise

apige power plants zote HomoZelensky AZOVNAZIS wabaki na candles na firewood wakiomba misaada from Kenya