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After the doping rumours arose, now Russians aren’t running much. Wait after the game i will post here statistics of distance covered and sprints done.

That proves nothing. All players this world cup are tested vigorously. So what’s is the source of your info. If its not the anti-doping agency then its just another cock and bull story out there.

This tournament was supposed to be boring and unsafe, thoughts of boycotting it were even entertained. The host team was even the weakest ever.
Fast forward and russia has outplayed and thrashed the mighty Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and egypt, there has been no violence…they must be doping

will you factor in the fact that when they face superior competition they cannot sprint as fast as when facing a weak team?

All these news outlet are not crazy. From Espn to Guardian.
Wewe uko hapa Nairobi na Nyeri umepigwa na baridi ukikunywa chai na sukari ikona Mercury and try to say all what are being said by world media is hogwash.
Remember Russia was accused and found guilty for doping in Winters game which they hosted by the way and it was a government sponsored doping.

my friend…are you for real?
maybe mercury has messed me up but i last took sugar 10 years ago. Have a good night.

Hehehehe umeona it’s not made up story za street za Nairobi. All those world media are not as rubbish, as speculative, as you try to say. Lets wait for the results to be made public by Fifa.

it is made up by london media and all those illustrations you have put there - none meets the threshold for irrefutable proof.

The west really wanted the world cup to be a big fail, especially the britons

nimekataa, sitaki

Forget the west media headlines. Today Uruguay proved technical ability backed by experience, skill and talent will always prevail against a fast, raw and talented team like Russia. They don’t try to outran them. They hold the ball, pass it quickly and don’t panic. Eventually you create spaces, chances and score. Uruguay second goal ended that game by half time.

May be true. Yet Russia is the 5th oldest team on the world cup.

Scratch that, I was checking on this article; but it seems to list Nigeria as the youngest team :D:D:D:D:D:D

Everyone dopes just make sure you are not the one who gets caught.