Russia Football Team Doping Scandal Loading.......

There are reports going round that the Russian team has been caught in a doping scandal. Apparently, that team has covered impossible number of kilometers in the two games they have played. The Russian team has covered approximately 800km in the two games. Argentina and Nigeria combined have covered a total of 600km. The statistics for the Russians are just impossible. According to Daniel Aamokache reporting for Kwese TV, Fifa has refused to produce a report after examining several Russian players. He is convinced that there is a big scandal loading. Na nlikua nashindwa kwa hawa Russians wako aje juu wanakimbia sana kwa uwanja, Kumbe!!!

Putin should be an African president

so now because you wondered and amokache speculated and alleged it is true?


Ofcourse Russia can’t win at home? Being cheered at home has nothing to do with it. It has to be Putin doped them himself.

West media tumewazoea. How come they haven’t started rumours on why England team is suddenly winning? They are renowned tournament chokers.

Enyewe hao russian players wana stamina kama farasi.

Wanafanya design ya Ivan Drago…


Why has Fifa refused to release test results?

results of what? about what? why are you be-hiving like nation?

Relase to whom,watu wabet pole pole…ama serikal inunue hizo tembe from putin and give our harambee stars so that 2022 tutakua qatar since it has nothing to do with skills and hardwork

hata nashindwa kwani leo hawajameza juu wana-trail kwa mabao mawili first half…

Ni kama vile Gsu,jeshi ama polisi hawawezanagi na wale.pokot raiders wa suguta marmar na some valley I can’t recall the name.Mtu akiwa kwao ana advantages kibao

The story was even in RedCafe, Manchester United Forum, and its half half on if their are doping or not


my brother you should have said the speculation was even here…

Speculation because you say so or? There are strong points to doping and for sure they will be clear findings in coming days.

speculation because no one is proffering any evidence; just speculators quoting other speculators…that is how rumours grow legs…

You can run the fastest in Football but I wonder how that equates to scoring goals, defending well without talent, skills and technical tactics. The first two games for Russia had some great goals that any pro would love to score. That can’t be taken away by rumours and gossip.

and today they are not only facing superior competition…

What evidence do you want? Doping results? Thats what am saying wait for it, doping rules and follow up in Football is soo weak but there are pointers to when players perform above their capabilities esp in sprint/running department.

You cant dope to have a good pass or score more goals but you can dope to give you more stamina, run more sprint more in essence you outperform your opponents by physical aspect than ability aspect.
Thus one clear sign of doping in Football is through checking running and sprint statistics.
Then ask your self why doping is soo rampant and more checked in Athletics? Stamina, running, Sprints comes to mind.

[li]1.[/li]the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.
“there has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit”
synonyms:conjecture, theorizing, hypothesizing,supposition, guesswork; More

if there is no standard just coke it and move on to another subject already.

funny you also add this line to justify the rumours: "
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]“There are strong points to doping and for sure they will be clear findings in coming days.”