Russia cuts gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

On Tuesday, however, Poland’s main importer of Russian gas, the state-owned company PGNiG, said that Gazprom had announced the “complete suspension” of deliveries through the Yamal pipeline, which stretches from northern Siberia to Poland and Germany through Belarus.

PGNiG said that it had received a letter from Gazprom informing it that all deliveries through the Yamal pipeline were being halted.
Bulgaria’s energy ministry said later on Tuesday that it, too, had been told by Gazprom that its own gas supplies from Russia, which flow through the Ukrainian pipeline, would stop.

No roubles=No gas.
Terms and conditions apply.

Happened on the same day Germany and Poland agreed to a joint oil program

To actually watch Europe self-destruct on behalf of the US/Jews is such a satisfying sight for me.One less devil for China and the global south to deal with.

Darwin is keenly watching… and as always…
Is ready with his AWARDS.

Russia Hits Record Oil Revenues - in face of Western sanctions
The Russian economy is riding out the pressure of sanctions on the back of $60BN in crude sales. In comparison, the whole of 2021 saw oil revenue total $120BN

It’s exposed an intl divide in responding to Moscow, and comes despite oil production reportedly dropping by around 700,000 barrels per day. Some exports have been diverted to Turkey and Italy, both posting far bigger orders in April compared to last month.

US Treasury Sec Janet Yellen admitted banning Russian oil and gas could hurt Europe severely - while having “very little negative impact on Russia." German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also warned of a “dramatic economic crisis” if a total embargo is imposed.

Nilisema hapa neanderthal software is back in full effect.


The temporary discomfort of any war …
Putin will soon be gone … :smiley:

Russia to Halt Gas Deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria

As a conservative niko nyuma ya putin. Lazima we deal with this homosexual kakamoniously.

He has been soon going since 2008 then 2012 then 2022. He has 9 lives

Nice you concede that …
He is on his 9th life …

Hitler acted with Impunity from 1936 …
In 1945 Justice finally caught up with him …
The same will happen to Putin sooner than you think … :D:D

Hitler was an idiot with the worlds greatest war machine in his time. Ule alikua a simple infantry man Ww1.

…and just to add on to your statement, Putin pia anadeal na hizi majamaa numinously.

I have a soft spot for Germany and I hope cooler minds prevail. Germany would be the biggest loser in a boycott by far.
Merkel should never have stepped down as German Chancellor. There’s no one else with the balls to guide Europe with a firm hand and clear head through this crisis.

They are going to get wrecked for being pussies and not taking a leading role on crafting a pan European security architecture.
Their industries without cheap Russian gas are going to be uncompetitive and China will eat their lunch everywhere.
They might even get nuked while at it.

Everyone will die someday. But UkraNazis will be whispering the word/acronym NATO. They will remember Tsar Putin for millennia.

Long live Putin, Ayatollah, Maduro, Xi, Kim, Assad and anything and anyone that is against the Satanists aka USA and allies

The shitheads are falling in line. Kazi ni kupayuka tu but they’ll ultimately comply :D:D:D
Italy last month



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