Russia attack.. false flag?

why woulf isis attack russia?

Maybe because Russia is fighting ISIS in Syria?

Moot. Apparently also yuess and nato has been also fighting isis in iraq and in syria. And in niger etc.

Russia and Putin were told 2 weeks ago by the US Embassy in Moscow …

So …

  • they ignored the threat and did nothing about it.
  • they probably allowed it to go ahead to serve their own evil strategic interests and plans …

This is what accounts for Putin disappearing from Moscow at a time he should be showing his face …

Bure Kabisa…

We will let the terrorist sympathizers in the west argue and convince themselves as to who was responsible. But sisi we are well on the way to confirming the usual suspects then revenge.

:ru::ukraine: We already know the names of the terrorists. We have already seen their faces and know what they sing during interrogations.

And it immediately becomes obvious why yesterday the American media shouted in unison that it was ISIS.

Because this is not ISIS. It’s just that the terrorists were selected in such a way that they could convince the stupid world community that it was ISIS.

Basic sleight of hand. Station thimble level.

So, yes. This is not ISIS. These are terrorists trained by Ukrainian intelligence agency. And the fact that just yesterday, even before the arrests, even before the names of the perpetrators, Western intelligence services began to convince the population that it was ISIS, set the cap on this thief on fire.

This is not ISIS. This is a well-coordinated team of several other, also widely known, abbreviations.

Kuna something cooking but in a few weeks kitaeleweka

this thing ni sus sana… i think ni provocation to nato

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kuna something cooking here

All this for what?. Why can’t everyone just stop fighting. Lay down their weapons and go home.

Humans can surely think and come to an agreement

distribution of resources… old money are dying, monarchy haina future, us is flaundering… putin is looking to Africa, west is trying to save asss baada ya kina bingwa kujaa huko kama mende… angalia economic factors ww2… putin allies with subsahra to shield himself from the arabs. dawn of war people

We raise our children wrong. It’s our fault. We raise them with greed and Hostility and that is why there shall be no room for love and Peace.

Kama Mimi personally, I can never and will never take a life consciously. We just need a million guys like me and Peace will remain.

A certain country wants to be the only one wakusema whatever goes. If a government resists uyu country wanatafuta ways to overthrow that government. The problem is amepata a certain government who is unwilling to play along. If only this country stops policing the world, wars would end kesho even.

You will be peacefully minding your business but hiyo country I’m talking about will decide to bring you democracy. And a military base to reinforce that democracy.

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