Rusinga Island - Lake Victoria

[SIZE=5]Luxury. Rejuvenation. Rusinga.[/SIZE]
A place of infinite beauty to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body, Rusinga provides a welcome break before, during or after a rigorous and exciting East African safari. Exuding an atmosphere of serene tranquility, Rusinga’s manicured lawns stretch to Lake Victoria’s edge.

Rusinga’s grounds, with its exotic trees, are haven for a myriad of bird species - many of which are unique to this small corner of Kenya. These spacious grounds offer a safe environment for children to release energy and the more active to catch up on exercise.

Rusinga’s renowned hospitality; delicious home-grown, home-cooked food; and indulgent accommodation combine to offer an ideal base from which to explore other areas of East Africa.
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Wow! Quite stunning

Noma sana.



Hii sii ni ya ma birrionea?

I hope the beautiful furnishing was made locally.

Lakini bei si mchezo.


@byro kuja ona the finishing on that shower

Very nice. Utapata design imefanywa na some italian firm, Africans are losing touch with originality.

Hasn’t any of you billionaires been there before!

Not necessarily,Ugandans are very good at doing such finishes.

Those who were wondering. Its firmly in Kenya. [ATTACH=full]157811[/ATTACH]

This one needs a plan. Save for a trip in January when everybody is crying about Njanuary.

ona sasa kiherehere ndio uko nayo mingi,unataka kumwagia an art man who is perceived to be an Italian unga ? ONE DAY!!!;!!;;

:D:D:D… ‘Native son roberto’, true Italian.

Boss you are trying too hard…

to do what?

To redeemed yourself to virtual strangers … Bure kabisa.