Ruoth Opaki! Aisha Jumwa II

Husband of ‘Nyar Kilifi’ is a strong man,
Piercing that elephant of a meat every night is not an easy task,
Look at her breasts, they are like pots full of mild brew!
Her buttocks are like the rocks of Maragoli!
Husband of ‘Nyar-Kilifi’ is a strong man.
Husband of ‘Nyar-Kilifi’ is a warrior!
Turning that elephant of a meat downside up every night is not an easy task,
Look at her fat arms, they are like branches of ‘ng’ou’ tree,
Her thighs are like the thighs of hippopotamus!
Husband of ‘Nyar-Kilifi’ is a warrior!

Husband of ‘Nyar-Kilifi’ is a strong man,
Locating that well of a hole amidst the thick Kakamega forest is not an easy task,
Filling that hole with seedy discharge is an elephant task,
Look at her mouth, it is like the geisures of Hell’s gate!
I hear when she gets horny her groin area becomes wet like the swamps of Budalang’i!
Husband of ‘Nyar-Kilifi’ is a strong man!

Husband of ‘Nyar-Kilifi’ is a strong man!
We all thought it will take him three years to find his way through her,
But it took him only three months to make her stomach swell!
Truly, it is Were, the God of the setting and rising sun that bestows strength to a penis,
Let His name be praised beyond the borders of Nyanza ‘dala’.

She is pregnant? Long before niwatch Kenyan nyews.

@sani Geoffrey Okuto mande bor chalo ngielo

I once had the privilege of working with someone who had bodyguards shadowing them 24/7. These D minuses really suffer in that job. Its proper slavery. I’m pretty sure this relationship isn’t exactly consensual but Geoffrey doesn’t have a choice. Akileta maringo atajipata Garissa ama Turkana.

Ala? Huyu Arap Meno njaa yake si ya kawaida. A whole DP looking at her rack like a teenage virgin. Anyway he’s not the only one…

The lady is as tough as they come. Some men cant accept the fact.

That’s why some men look timid ,band tend to keep to themselves, ni kuinua vitu kama hizi all night long.
Sasa patana na jamaa wa nduthi aka MGTOW, kelele chungu mzima.

I consider her as my fellow man. There is no tinge of femininity in her at all.

He’s such man’s man that he makes Ruto smile like naive kienyeji girl…

diction :D:D:D