Wadau wale mnakimbianga, after how long does the muscles get used to the running? Tried running today nachoka after a kilometre bana, it’s the first time after a very long time. I want to run non stop like do 8Kms without rest. I ain’t fat nor thin, just lean.

Unaplan kuhepa Mimba ya kunguru?

The guilty are afraid.

Uliskia wapi…
A person starting with strenuous exercise after a long lay-off?
Start small and build the distance covered gradually.

Thanks man. Was wondering if I will get used. Will get back kesho gradually.

Muscles adapt within a matter of days if you can push through the initial soreness and stiffness. It’s the bones and tendons that take a very long time to adapt to the constant pounding. Ease into it slowly and try as much as possible to run on grass, earth, soft surfaces. Btw 8km non stop on a regular basis is overkill unless you’re a pro athlete or marathon runner. It is an achievable distance but you will get blisters, shin splints, tendonitis and stress fractures in the process which will take a veeery long time to heal.

You are trying to swallow what you cant chew.

If its been many years since you had a run then start small and increase slowly. Huezi kimbia 8km if you have been smoking and drinking like a fish. Mwili itakataa.

Beware of something called runners itch, it happens to first time runners and its normal so dont panic.