Rumours of war

[MEDIA=twitter]911789314169823232[/MEDIAThe brinkmanship policy used by NK and USA is opening a new page. When will vitisho baridi graduate to vitisho moto only time eill tell.[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=bbcnews]av[/MEDIA]

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hii tuliona kabla ununue bandos

Mbona hukutupa kwa mtandao mapema?

There is no bravado in a nuclear Holocaust. Another usa president is provoking war to distract his nation from its ongoing decline and its own failure. North Korea has never attacked any other nation. usa has attacked dozens of nations and is currently conducting military operations in 100’s of nations. Any attack on North Korea will be global catastrophe. South Korea, Japan, Asia and west coast usa is target of nuclear attacks.


Anyone notice that the world is going to shit of late.earthquakes,volcanos,floods,mudslides,trump vs kim,na raila na uhuru?? The shiet moving to Finland hadi jan…

I don’t get what N.Korea’s end game is. I’ve seen them threatening to shoot down a US bomber. I should buy a huge packet of popcorns to watch the world at war should the little rocket man make good his threats.

These things have been happening siiiince. There’s nothing new under the sun. Hata ya Raila na Uhuru started with Jaramogi & Kenyatta

North Korean forces—supported by the Soviet Union and China—moved into the South on 25 June 1950.

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That is history written by the usa. Its was only one country called Korea. After second world war Japan which had colonized it retreated leaving a unified Korea Republic. The usa weary of communist China/USSR courted Korea as a capitalist nation but it was too late. They had settled on communism. The usa instigated the south attempted to break away from the rest of the country but national forces crushed the breakaway. The UN sanctioned military forces to save the south at the insistence of usa who were the instigators of the split. The Korea war ended in statement after China directly intervened to save the north. Since then the two nations are still technically at war. Hii upizi ya capitalist vs communism was brought to Korea without seeking opinion from the citizens of both nations. North Korea never attacked any nation they moved south to prevent their nation from being split by the usa.


…and as they say, history is written by the victor

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I like facts which many choose to ignore/disbelieve. Also, the amount of explosives used by US air force on north Korea was staggering. They bombed dams and infrastructure to starve a nation…but China helped its neighbor.

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Yes, only that they didn’t win this war either, its was a draw. They lost thousands of their own for underestimating the will Korea to fight for their country. Mind you at that time they were basically a poor farming nation. Industrialization came after starting with defence industry then infrastructure and finally electronics.

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@Alchemist, the usa used all mass casualty bombs in North Korea from serin gas, nerve gas, cluster bombs and indiscriminate carpet bombing killing everyone in cities and towns. The whole nation literary knew usa as the great satan. After the stalemate it was easy for their dictator to rally the citizens to build the arms industry for the resumption of war. That whole nation is built on war survival first and nation prosperity second. usa president Truman considered bombing them with nuclear weapons but they feared China would react with its newly acquired nukes. From that moment north Korea worked hard to get its own nukes for self preservation.


The boogeyman narrative and people still fall for this crap.

North Korean neighbours who are US allies should be very worried coz kakinuka lazima watapewa nukes kadhaa if at all the US has the capability to shoot DPRKs nuclear-armed ICBMs. All in all, a nuke war is not something to smile about…
Am sure Trumpland is cooking something similar to what it did to Iran’s nuke computer controls using the Stuxnet virus…or better still catastrophic weather conditions near or at their nuke plants and not a direct nuke strike.

Two clowns with the intellectual capacity of teenagers run two countries with WMDs. The world is virtually just holding their shit together grinning in anticipation of a nuclear war

A case of “let’s see who has a bigger d!ck”. But it makes no sense. US would not risk conflict with Russia and China because of N. Korea. There’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s smoke & mirrors. Much like our local politics.