Rumeru Rukakus Idea..... Sio mbaya I'd like to see it

WakuMbwa ikawesa happen which side would you like to see shine? [ATTACH=full]160051[/ATTACH]

asijiweke kwa hiyo list, yeye ni ovyo kabisa.

atazua Sana akaambiwa hivo na idea niyake

Doubt this would happen because majority of the players who would end up in the team are not even English so less pride in representing their side (north or south).
In American sports it’s a big deal coz majority of the players are Americans and most are born in the conference (east/west) they represent so a sense of some pride.
Also unless they limit number of players coming from one club it will just be match between top 6 from north and south which would isolate so many teams!

Fans vote, choose a captain for both sides…then the captain chooses his team?..Not bad. But @Kdawg254 has a point.

Hehehe…Lukaku after kufunga against Chelsea hawezi tulia…One thing that is for sure is that he would never feature in an all star game.

This is a great idea, North all the way


Ever heard of the Premiere League where a good number of the players aren’t even British? I hear it’s a big deal.

Good idea

North all the way

Inaweza kuwa moto sana . Players are picked from who tops the stats ya top 10 premier league . Strikers and Midfielders ndio hao .


hio umbwa i concentrate kujifunza kufungia manchieth mabao kwanza si kuleta idea za ujinga na wako na crisis , jinga