Rule Out LeBron and the Lakers at your own peril

Those who follow basketball and specifically the NBA know how good LAL have been sin e the all star break.

The team is currently on a hot streak and LBJ is not even available. If the team chemistry is maintained once he’s back, the Lal could be the team to watch out for.

After being ruled out in the first part of the season there’s no ruling out the possibility of LAL finishing as 5th or 6th seed in the Western Conference (even the 4th seed may not be beyond them). Things looking goog for this franchise.

I’m not a basketball loyalist as I am a football one. There are a few teams I like currently - LAL, Bucks, GSW. Things may change swiftly but I’ve always had a soft spot for LAL.

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Grandfather time has caught up with him. The Lakers will not win the western conference to proceed to the finals. There are too many good teams.

Celtics ni Moto. Alafu Nuggets pia si mchezo.

Pia Bucks wako sawa and they have won it recently so experience iko.

Bucks, Nuggets, Sacramento, Celtics . One of them will take it. Maybe Warriors. Lebron needs a lot of help.

And he has it right now.

Celtics are not any better than they were last season, the Lakers are.

Celtics covered. Nuggets are a regular season team as is the reigning two time MVP, Jokic

His numbers are still up there my friend. 29.5 PPG at 37/38 is no joke. Still dominant

Those who wanted to rule out LBJ and the Lakers tukutane kwa tent.

LoL series Bado ni 2-1. And it’s the west gaddamit. He has to go through either GS, Suns or Clippers. :smiley: oh and Jokic&co.:smiley:

Lakers hakuna finals watafika.

LBJ is the best clutch player in the playoffs. Now he has the supporting cast that can take them all the way through, no matter the opponents.

Acha wapatane na team experienced sio young na hubristic kama Grizzlies ndio uongee

We will both be here. There record since the mid season trades speaks for itself. We wait.

The Lakers are the best defensive team by far right now. Shida ni the snippers are shooting bricks mbaya that’s why they’re just grinding wins. They need a shooter to step up and force teams to space coz right now the teams are just congesting the floor and blocking lanes for AD and Lebron.
Either way apart from GSW sioni mwenye atashinda Lakers in the West. The Suns have been shown with their 0 defence lineups and Nuggets have the worst matchup against LA coz they have nobody to guard AD and Lebron. SAC live and die by the 3 which isn’t playoff bbal.

The Sun’s can shoot lights out. You just need to guard Lebron. I think Ayton can guard the rim fairly well.

Bro Suns have zero perimeter or central defence. Ayton can’t guard AD. Granted they can shoot but as shown via the Clippers game they can easily be stopped by good D because they play too much iso. If the game slows they’re killed by LA halfcourt defence. If they speed up ni mazishi LA have the best counter offense around and Suns aren’t young. TBF I don’t see Suns reaching playoffs finals from what I’ve seen.
GSW dish the ball so efficiently that’s why I’m so afraid, they’re nearly unbeatable at home and their team defence is great. Though LA has the upper hand they’ll still struggle.

Pale KBF paul otula anatusaidiaje lakini how do you watch a match watch the analysis and still have the time to discuss it online? pick a trade dont be a follower…

How accurate is my posting here? @BaldCoomer saw what i saw.

Who else is watching LBJ playing great basketball right now against the Warriors?

@Mworia Wameru where at thou?

How is that Western Conference final grabbing you?

Leta maoni elder.

Tutatoboa. Bado niko na Imani. Lakers win their next 2 home games and the tiebis back on.